Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) Award for Good Teaching


This award recognises outstanding impact in learning and teaching made by an individual or a team. Impact is the difference that particular learning and teaching strategies make in their sphere of influence and on the student experience.

Value of the award

The award consists of a grant of $10,000 which can be used by the recipient/s to:

  • advance the career/s of the recipient/s
  • provide additional resources to support their teaching or activities related to the award
  • assist the individual/team to disseminate and embed good practice in learning and teaching.

Award monies must be spent by the end of the second year following their announcement i.e. a November 2015 award will be allocated money in 2016 and must be expended before the end of 2017.


This category is open to both Higher Education and Vocational Education staff of RMIT University.

Both team and individual nominations are encouraged and teams may be of any size. If a team is larger than five members a team name should be provided.

Selection criteria

All applicants

  • Achievements in the scholarship of learning and teaching - as appropriate to the Higher Education and Vocational Education sectors - that have contributed to knowledge in the field.

Higher Education criteria

  • Evidence of having raised the profile and having encouraged the recognition of the importance of teaching at RMIT University or more widely.
  • Leading specific initiatives that enhance student learning, the teaching development of colleagues, or administrative practices that recognize and reward teaching leading to systemic change within RMIT University or more widely.
  • Identification of learning and teaching issues and the development of responses that have been shown to have made an impact at RMIT University or more widely.

Vocational Education criteria

  • Demonstration of scholarship in vocational education through the application of innovative pedagogies to (a) enhance the student experience and (b) engage with client organisations to design work-based learning programs.
  • The systematic use of outcomes data and student and industry feedback to improve program quality.
  • The application of vocational curriculum and pedagogical theories to design innovative learning programs to address diverse student needs.


Applications must consist of:

For any enquiries, please contact your college teaching awards coordinator.