27 October 2015

Edward Long, Exchange to West Virginia University, America

Edward spent semester 2, 2014 studying at West Virginia experiencing the American College and sporting lifestyle whilst abroad.

"I have never heard so many people say they regret never doing exchange."

RMIT Program: Bachelor of Science Engineering and Health

Global Program: Exchange

Destination: Virginia, America

I went on exchange to experience College life in the USA and be educated from a different learning style across the other side of the world. The sport aspect at a University like WVU is unbeatable and the community atmosphere is something so diverse from RMIT City Campus. Football games and weekend trips were a common theme in my semester as well as different cultural events staying at an International House. I travelled all around the US before, during and after my semester to LA, San Diego, Washington DC, Pittsburgh, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, Boston, New Orleans, Austin, Houston, San Francisco and Las Vegas. Was an awesome experience and hope to do it again soon!

Exchange in Virginia, America

Image by exchange student Edward Long