RMIT Prize for Research Impact - HDR (in the categories of Technology, Design, or Enterprise)


The RMIT Prize for Research Impact – HDR (Higher Degree by Research)recognises an HDR candidate who can demonstrate the potential for significant impact of their research outside the academic community. The definition of impact for this award includes the demonstrable contribution that research makes to the economy, society, culture, national security, public policy or services, health, the environment, or quality of life, beyond contributions to academia.

Selection of prize recipients is by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation based on recommendations of the Awards Panel. The Prize will be made annually and be presented at the RMIT Research Awards ceremony.


In order to be eligible nominees must:

  • be a current HDR candidate at RMIT University at the time of nomination.
  • have successfully completed their Confirmation of Candidature milestone review.
  • not have been a recipient of the prize in the previous two years.

Nomination and documentation

This prize is open to any current candidate who meets the eligibility criteria. The nomination process includes self-nomination, or nomination by a peer or staff member (with the nominee’s consent). Nominees should submit their nomination and provide supporting statements via this page and must include the following:

Only complete nominations from eligible individuals will be considered.

Nominations are collated by the School of Graduate Research for consideration by the Awards Panel. Following final approval by the Deputy Vice- Chancellor Research and Innovation, the prize recipient and other nominees will be notified.

For further guidance on making a nomination, contact:

Selection criteria

In considering nominations, the Awards Panel will consider the relevance and quality of the thesis/project in relation to the category of award being applied for.

The three categories are Technology, Design and, Enterprise. The nominee must identify the defining feature of their research and provide evidence to relate it to one of these categories.

Category guidance

Research in the Technology category can relate to:

  • Creation of technology and/or
  • Development/improvement of technology and/or
  • Innovative use of technology

Research in the Design category can relate to research producing:

  • A product or creative work and/or
  • A framework or structure and/or
  • A process

Research in the Enterprise category can relate to:

  • Research which involves industry engagement and/or
  • A contribution to productivity, efficiency or well-being

The following criteria will also be taken into account:

  • evidence provided by the nominee which demonstrates the potential for their research to have impact through engagement with industry.
  • details about the underlying research and the potential for research translation.
  • quality and impact of reportable publications/outputs produced during candidature (including impact factor; citation rates, IP generation or external recognition)
  • contributions made to the research community of the candidate’s academic unit.
  • other competitive achievements (e.g. other prizes received during candidature).

Candidates should also be able to evidence timely candidature progress.

Research outputs

Any research outputs submitted in support of a nomination for a candidate prize must have been produced during the period of candidature at RMIT.

Nominees should be aware that the Awards Panel will use information in ResearchMaster to validate evidence provided in nominations. Please ensure that all reportable outputs information is submitted via online form which can be found here.

Candidates with non-traditional research outputs should ensure that their outputs are clearly listed and the research significance of them is explained in their CV. These outputs will be considered on provision of supporting evidence from the nominee, and a statement from the school HDR Coordinator attesting the output’s significance and the peer review status of the outlet/venue.

Value of the award

The RMIT Prize for Research Impact – HDR will comprise:

  1. A cash award of $1500, paid to the awardee
  2. A certificate signed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (R&I).
  3. A permanent record of the award on an appropriate webpage (Honour Board) of the University
  4. Commemorative Trophy.