Position administration instruction

Instruction statement

The intent of this instruction is to provide information to managers in relation to the administration of positions at RMIT.

This instruction applies to the administration of positions of all fixed term and continuing staff members.


Casual staff members

Instruction steps and actions

1. Filling positions

An ‘establishment position‘ is a position that has been approved as part of the workforce establishment stored in SAP HR and approved through the annual budget and PCP (Personnel Cost Planning SAP module).

The following conditions must be met to commence recruitment action.

a) Advertising request completed either via Page up or via the ‘Advertising request form’ including the applicable position number or the word “new” in place of a position number in the case of recruiting to a new position.

b) Human Resources, Finance, Property and IT positions ‘advertising requests’ must be supported by the relevant Executive Director with consideration to any anticipated changes to service delivery models that may result from services integration.

c) If an establishment position, one of the following conditions must be met.

a. The position is vacant; or

b. The incumbent is on approved leave; or about to commence

c. The incumbent’s resignation has been processed.

2. Increase in establishment resulting in increase in salary budget

Establishment can be increased by adding a new position, converting a fixed term position to continuing, increasing the time-fraction of a position (eg. Changing from part-time to full-time), or raising the classification of a position.

Increases in establishment that result in an increased salary budget for the school or resource group must be approved by the relevant Pro Vice-Chancellor, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) or Vice President Resources following consideration of a business case explaining how the position is to be funded, e.g.

a) Conversion of existing establishment position or casual/agency budget to fund new position

b) Restructure with no overall increase to budget

c) Additional funding

d) Externally fully funded position

e) The position is fully funded from external funds through an established research grant/project or commercial contract with an external agency. Research positions that are fully funded from an external source will have an internal order number. Financial Services will monitor all externally fully funded positions to ensure full cost recovery.

3. Summary of delegations

In line with the delegations policy, where a delegate is a member of a selection panel, the appointment is to be approved by their manager. For further details, refer to the Staffing Delegations Schedule.

Where a delegate is a member of a selection panel, the appointment is to be approved by their manager.

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