14 December 2014

Bundoora campus staff address 16 December 2014

Attendees: 101

Question and answer session

Cleaning and building maintenance

Q. Are there any plans to get a mobile phone application to notify of toilet cleaning needs on campus?

An app that some councils use for this purpose is being investigated by ITS. Having such an app would help students and staff feel engaged and that their notifications were being tracked.

KPIs are being introduced into the new cleaning service contract, so improvements in the quality and regularity of cleaning service will be seen.

Q. What will be the new process for making building maintenance calls under the new service contract?

As with cleaning services, there will be KPIs and financial penalties for failing targets in the contract. A full presentation to Bundoora staff will be delivered early in 2015 around the process and implications for our chosen service provider.

Bundoora Infrastructure

Q. Will there be further consideration given to completing the sports field fencing?

There is a new Property Services Group Director starting early February 2015 and it will be a top item for discussion with them.

Q. Are there plans to upgrade the Hub signage, which is viewed as substandard by many and doesn’t align with RMIT branding colours?

David Howard from Property Services is to discuss the Hub signage situation with the Academic Registrar’s Group.

Q. What is being done to improve student wait times at the Hub?

Many standard queries, such as invoicing, requests for student diaries, etc, are moving online, for improved efficiency and service. The New Academic Street project includes plans for a student hall-type service that relinquishes the desk queuing approach and this will most likely be implemented at Bundoora.


Q. Are there any plans for a prorate staff parking yearly fee that can be based on employee time fraction?

This hasn’t been given consideration to date, as tailoring rates would be difficult to administer, but it will be taken on board. However, by 2016, with the forthcoming log on/log off electronic app, more accurate charges for staff and student parking usage should work out.

Q. Will more parking become available as the Bundoora campus grows with more students and staff?

This may not be necessary as presently many of our spaces, particularly the roof of the multistory car park, is underutilised. However, there are plans to expand the rear car park with paving, and it was the intention of the bike cages on east and west to encourage more staff and students to cycle to work.

There are always several empty car spaces at Bundoora East and there are discussions with local Council for a possible pedestrian bridge between UniHill and Bundoora West to enable staff and students to better traverse the Plenty Road divide.

RMIT and College projects

Q. In relation to the Science, Engineering and Health College Future College Project, could you please clarify that the driver isn’t financial?

The main driver for the project is continual improvement, and looking for the best structure to improve the student and staff experience. RMIT aims to be a higher ranking university and, to achieve this, our models of delivery need to be looked at.

This project is not an initiative driven by the new Vice-Chancellor: it comes purely from the College of Science, Engineering and Health, but to align with other services in the University which are also undergoing review. We’re investing (as a College) where we can for a better quality of service and for academics to focus on driving the agenda of RMIT as a place for quality research and teaching.

Q. Has the VC report and recommendations from the recent Colleges organizational reviews been released?

No report has YET been given yet but it is expected early 2015.

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