Videoconference bookings

Videoconferencing is available to all RMIT staff members.

Before you make a booking

Training for first time users

Visit the Videoconferencing training and resources page for further information on the effective use of videoconferencing.

Connecting to non-RMIT locations

There are a number of technical requirements to connect to a non-RMIT location. Some of these requirements are specified on the Videoconferencing equipment web pages.

Full and complete testing must occur before holding a videoconferencing session. Please liaise with external participants to ensure systems are compatible.

Contact the Service and Support Centre to arrange a trial videoconference connection.

Make a booking

Step 1: Book the locations

Each group participating in a videoconference will need access to a videoconferencing facility. There are many locations across RMIT that support videoconferencing. To view the rooms available, visit the Service and Support Portal.

Non-RMIT locations may also need to be booked. Liaise with each group participating in the videoconference so it is clear who is taking responsibility for booking venues.

Step 2: Book the videoconferencing session

Note: Please allow a 7 day lead time for the Videoconferencing Booking form to be processed.

Submit the Videoconferencing booking form to arrange a videoconferencing session. Only one form is required for each session.

Plan for contingencies

Videoconferencing places a high demand on network performance. Networks can fail and if network performance drops off, then the videoconferencing link may be disrupted.

Before commencing a videoconferencing session, communicate clearly to the remote group what will occur in the event of a communication failure. For example:

  • Exchange telephone numbers to enable further communication
  • Find out if it may be possible to telephone conference to the remote location
  • Publish the presentation on a website
  • Have a backup booking scheduled for another time
  • Always have the contact telephone number for technical assistance.

Technical support

For general enquiries, please contact the Service and Support Centre.

For urgent assistance during a videoconference, please call the audiovisual support line on Tel. 9925 3316 during Service and Support Centre hours of operation.