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Applicants must have applied through VTAC or made a direct application to RMIT first before applying for this program.

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Your answers to these questions help us to understand your experience, interests and skills.

Tell us your reasons for wanting to study in the program/s for which you have applied, including any personal, educational, work or community interests which have shaped your decision to study which will assist us to understand you and your educational aspirations and goals and how these link to your preferred program/s. (500 word limit)

Please tell us about any paid and unpaid work, volunteer, community or life experience which you believe would be an asset in your preferred program/s. (500 word limit)

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Supporting evidence

Prior to your interview you may wish to provide (through post or email) all the supporting information that you would like to include in your application for consideration at the interview. The type of evidence you may wish to provide includes:

  • any relevant certificates, references, and/or awards
  • school report cards (this is important for school leavers)
  • current resume (for non year 12 applicants).

Application declaration

* I declare that I am of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, Identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander and am accepted as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander in the community in which I live or have lived and can provide confirmation of Aboriginality.

* I have read and agreed with the following terms and conditions. I declare that to the best of my knowledge, the information supplied in this application is true and complete. I acknowledge that the provision of false information or documentation or withholding of information or documentation relating to my application may result in the cancellation of an application to RMIT University. I authorise RMIT University to obtain, when necessary, further information regarding this application from other relevant bodies. I understand that the application process is competitive, and that not all applicants who meet the eligibility criteria can be awarded a place at RMIT University. I will vary my ongoing eligibility as required.

*I understand that I am automatically registered for Gama-dji and must attend at least day one of the Gama-dji Orientation Program.

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