Peer review of teaching

A structured process to provide evidence of good teaching practice.

Peer review is a requirement for staff who teach if they wish to apply for an individual (as opposed to a team) RMIT Teaching Award. The peer review process at RMIT is managed by the Education Portfolio.

Currently the Education Portfolio is reviewing all modes of our Peer Evaluations and will look forward to the relaunch of a new scholarly version for 2018.

Peer review in Semester 2, 2017 is available by request.

To request your peer review observation please contact RMIT Learning and Teaching Academy at

Teachers may apply for peer review once in a calendar year, and peer review reports are valid for a full two year cycle. For example, a teacher who has been peer reviewed in 2016 (Semester 1 or 2) would be eligible for applications throughout 2017 and 2018.

A flowchart [PDF, 219 KB] summarising the application process for staff has been prepared.

Please note: Before the peer review takes place all applicants must attend an information session on the peer review process and its requirements. The dates and times for information sessions and the opportunity to register are available on the online peer review registration form.