Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS)

Graduates of an RMIT higher education qualification recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) will receive an Australian Higher Education Graduation Statement (AHEGS).

The AHEGS details the nature, level, context and status of your studies. It is intended to assist in national and international recognition of Australian qualifications and to promote international mobility and professional recognition of Australian graduates. An AHEGS is issued for each higher education program on conferral. It also details your grades for that particular higher education program.

If you are graduating from more than one higher education program you will receive multiple AHEGS.

View a sample AHEGS (PDF 393kb 6p).

Your first AHEGS will be sent to you

When you apply to graduate and your award is conferred, RMIT will post one AHEGS free of charge if you have graduated from an AQF accredited undergraduate, postgraduate or research program.


  • If you graduate in December (Melbourne ceremony or in absentia), you will receive your AHEGS in late January of the following year.
  • If you graduate in absentia at any other time you will receive your AHEGS approximately 2–3 weeks after the award is conferred.

How to obtain additional copies or reprints

Apply and pay online by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). The AHEGS will be posted to your nominated address.


The cost to purchase an additional copy of your AHEGS (including delivery) is outlined in the table below:

Mail delivery option


Standard mail


Express mail


International mail


Purchase in person


Pay and collect at RMIT Connect


Online requests are usually processed within 3–5 working days.

If you have a debt to the University you will not be able to request your AHEGS until the debt is cleared – please contact RMIT Connect to arrange payment.

If you encounter difficulties applying online, please contact RMIT Connect on +61 3 9925 5000 during business hours.