Frequently asked questions (SSAF)

Why was the SSAF introduced?

RMIT University introduced the SSAF in 2012 following changes to Australian Government legislation.

The student services and amenities fee (SSAF) is used to maintain and enhance services and amenities that improve your experience as an RMIT student. The SSAF helps ensure that RMIT can maintain its support for initiatives that deliver an outstanding experience for all students.

RMIT was one of a small number of universities that continued to financially support its student union after student union fees were abolished by the Commonwealth Government in 2006. Since then RMIT has spent more than $16 million a year on directly supporting student services and amenities managed by the University, RMIT University Student Union RUSU and RMIT Link.

What is the SSAF spent on?

Income from the SSAF can only be used to fund student services and amenities that are on the Australian Government’s list of allowable items, and cannot be used to collect or administer the fee. These services and amenities may be provided by the University or by third parties, contracted under a service level agreement, such as RMIT Student Union.

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Do I have to pay the whole fee upfront?

Yes, unless you are eligible for the SA-HELP loan scheme that allows you to defer paying the cost of the SSAF upfront.

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Has there been any consultation with students about the fee?

Yes, feedback was gathered in several ways to help identify priorities for improved student services and amenities.

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Do I still need to pay the student services and amenities fee (SSAF) if I won’t be using any services and amenities?

Yes, payment of the fee is mandatory.

While you may not choose to take up the opportunity to use all of these services during your studies at RMIT, these services are a crucial part of student life. They provide much needed support services for your fellow students and they also provide students with the opportunity to contribute to, and feel a part of, the RMIT community.

If you are about to complete your program, you should check out the careers services that are available to you now and after you have completed your studies.

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Where do I go if I have any questions or concerns about SSAF or SA-HELP?

Visit RMIT Connect on your campus or call tel. +61 3 9925 5000 during business hours.