Get involved

Opportunities exist to communicate with others interested in sustainability and its role in higher education both in and outside of the university.

RMIT networks

Purpose: Connectivity, academic strength and scholarship that creates a fluid “incubation space” for curriculum and professional development and connects staff with enthusiasm, expertise and commitment to Sustainability in all its complexity, paradoxes, joys, challenges and opportunities.

Activities: Collaborative conversations, consulting, connecting, scholarship, advocacy and curriculum renewal and design.

Gatherings: are held on campus, as determined by participants, and via the Google community and hangouts throughout the year.

Postgraduate students are welcome with their supervisors.

External networks

  • National Learning and Teaching Sustainability – This site represents a community of Australian tertiary educators that is supported by the Australian Government. Educators are invited to register to contribute to the community.
  • SUSTAINed Network – A network for sustainability education practitioners in Australian tertiary institutions for staff interested in further professional networking.