Vocational education student pre-training review to determine language literacy and numeracy support needs instruction


This instruction describes the language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) skills review process that will be followed for all students enrolled in a VET program. Where a student enrols in a sequenced program, an LLN skills review relevant to each AQF program level in the sequence should be undertaken at the start of each level.

The purpose of this instruction is to ensure that the LLN learning support needs of each individual student are systematically assessed by the University during the pre-training review period. This assists the University to:

(a) provide students with high quality training that meets their needs, and

(b) meet the requirements of Standard 1.7 of the National VET Regulator Standards for Registered Training, and the University’s obligations under RMIT’s contract with the State Government to deliver government-subsidised training (PDF).

Schedule 1, Clause 4.6 of the State Government Contract specifies that:

“For each Eligible Individual, the RTO must conduct a Pre-Training Review of current competencies including literacy and numeracy skills prior to commencement in training.

“The Pre-Training Review must:

a) identify any competencies previously acquired (Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) or Credit Transfer);

b) ascertain the most appropriate qualification for that student to enrol in, including consideration of the likely job outcomes from the development of new competencies and skills; and

c) ascertain that the proposed learning strategies and materials are appropriate for that individual.”

This instruction addresses part (c) of this requirement. Part (a) is addressed separately in the RMIT Credit policy and Recognition of prior learning and recognition of current competency procedure. Part (b) is addressed via RMIT student recruitment, advisement and selection procedures along with the development of training plans.


This instruction applies to students enrolled in nationally recognised training package qualifications and accredited courses, and not to any other student cohort.

Instruction steps and actions

Instruction (including key points)



1. Preparing for a LLN skills review

a) Develop standard Pre-Training Review (PTR) menu items for all Blackboard program shells including information on student services, RPL, orientation.

Office of the Dean, Learning and Teaching in consultation with schools

May-June 2015

Manual system (Semester 2 2015)

a) Request ITS to set up Blackboard program shell

b) Program shell set up for each VE program on request

Program manager/delegate logs request via myTechSupport.rmit.edu.au

Learning, Teaching and Research Solutions (LTRS) Centre

As part of pre-semester planning

Automatic system (Semester 1 2016)

a) Develop Blackboard shells creation process for VE [C Code] programs

b) Program shells for all VE [C code] programs set up

c) Design/review and update LLN assessment instrument and marking guide

d) Prepare/review advice to students

LTRS Centre

LTRS Centre

Program managers with support from College Academic Development Group

Program Manager

Sep-Nov 2015

Semester 1 2016

Nov/Dec for Semester 1 enrolments
May/Jun for Semester 2 enrolments

Nov/Dec for Semester 2 enrolments
May/Jun for Semester 2 enrolments

2. Conducting a LLN skills review

a) Distribute advice to students

b) Administer LLN assessment and mark assessments

Program Manager

Nominated teachers

Before the start of training

3. Feedback and referral

a) Advise students of LLN assessment outcomes.

b) For students identified as requiring LLN support, provide written advice on support available at a program level and other services available through RMIT's online Learning Hub and the Study and Learning Centre.

c) Electronic or hard copy records of the LLN skills review with each student must be retained as evidence that the review has been undertaken and completed.

d) For each enrolled student, retain the completed LLN skills review, results, feedback and any further action taken in the student file.

Program Manager

Students are required to be informed of LLN skills review result within one week of administration of the assessment.

4. Maintaining records of LLN review

Manual system (Semester 2 2015)

a) Set up archiving capacity in Blackboard to enable restoration of program shells for audit.

b) Set up version control protocols.

Program Coordinators

Learning, Teaching and Research Solutions (LTRS) Centre

LTRS Centre

Before graduation that is the trigger for cleanout of Blackboard Gradebook.

The date for 2015 will be determined by the Academic Registrar’s Group, LTRS and Office of the Executive Director, Vocational Education and communicated to colleges and schools via VE Executive.

Automatic system (Semester 1 2016)

a) Copy all VE program shells and place on staging server, ready for audit.

LTRS Centre

Date/trigger event to be set by LTRS and communicated to Deputy Pro Vice-Chancellors, Learning and Teaching via Executive Director VE and to Schools via VE Executive.

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