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Semester 2 2015

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Teaching, facilitating and learning online

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July 13

In this workshop, we will examine the key principles of online learning and teaching in order to set the scene for good, sustainable practice. Working across the concepts of teacher presence, cognitive presence and social presence, we will provide you with a toolkit of practical strategies to get the most out of your students and the fully-online environment. We will also ensure you are well equipped to manage your online teaching and facilitating strategies both efficiently and effectively.

Managing e-Submission

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July 16

e-Submission at RMIT refers to the process of submitting, marking and managing assignments electronically via myRMIT studies/Blackboard. This workshop aims to equip academic and teaching staff with the skills necessary to create and manage online submission and grading in Blackboard using Turnitin, GradeMark and PeerMark tools.

Rethinking assessment

July 28

In this interactive workshop, we will examine recent student-centred approaches to assessment. We will discuss strategies to help us to rethink assessment as an authentic instrument for purposeful learning. Authentic or rich assessments will help your students to gain and apply the essential knowledge and skills in very meaningful ways.

All participants are invited to bring along a copy of an assessment task.

Claire Brown is the Associate Director of the Victoria Institute and chief investigator of AVID Australia. Claire’s most recent research focuses on the student experience, effective higher education teaching strategies, and student engagement.

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Designing, managing and assessing group work

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21 Aug

Group work requires skills in communication, collaboration, negotiation, feedback and conflict resolution - and we cannot assume that students already have these skills. This workshop, presents process-oriented teaching strategies that develop students' group work skills and prepare them for the challenges posed by collaborative projects. You will be introduced to resources, and engage in learning activities, aimed to provide students with a successful experience of working in a group.

Presenter : Dr.Paula Keogh and Barbara Morgan, Student Learning Centre, RMIT

Other Resources:

CoB Report in Inclusive Teaching and Assessment Practices Project.pdf

Inclusive Teaching and Assessment Practices Project Full report.pdf


Designing capstone experience courses

Thursday, 24 September

Capstone courses typically provide the culmination of theoretical approaches and applied work practice experiences in the final year of a sub-degree, undergraduate and postgraduate year. This workshop will discuss the  alternatives and innovations in capstone design, their benefits, challenges and outcomes for staff and students.

Presenter: Assoc Professor Nicolette Lee

Nicolette Lee is the Office for Learning and Teaching National Senior Teaching Fellow for Capstones

Across Disciplines, and the Executive Director Learning & Teaching at Victoria University, Melbourne.


The website is a useful resource on capstone curriculum across the disciplines, developed as part of a National Senior Teaching Fellowship funded by the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) in 2013-2015.

Developing capstone experiences Annie Holdsworth, Kim Watty and Martin Davies


Design thinking - Developing WIL activities

Thursday, 8 October

In this workshop we will provide opportunities to discuss the various phases in designing and managing WIL activities which includes the three stages  

1. Preparation

Roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders.
Induction, preparation for learning in a different context

2. During

Supervision, monitoring progress, feedback, ongoing reflection, communication

3. Post

Debrief, reflection, evaluation, continuous improvement

Presenter: Leoni Russell, Senior Advisor, Office of the Dean, Learning and Teaching, RMIT

Appeals against a final assessment process roadshow

Thursday, 22 October

In this interactive workshop, the College of Business Appeals team will unpack the University's appeal against a final assessment result process and provide you with a toolkit to meet the high demand of student requests for review at the School level. We will cover the easiest ways to meet compliance through real case examples as well as facilitate an open Q&A session for feedback and the sharing of best practice.

Presenter : Jenna Haggerty, Secretariat Officer, Secretariat Services, College of Business, RMIT

Other Resources:

Assessment, Academic Progress and Appeals Regulations (unresolved)

Assessment: conduct of assessment and appeals procedure (unresolved)

Assessment policy (unresolved)


Unpacking your GTS

Wednesday, 11 November

In this interactive workshop, a panel of four high GTS achievers will discuss their teaching approaches and strategies, and how they have contributed to their success. The panel members will unpack the components of the GTS and provide practical strategies to enhance your own practice and achievement. The panel will comprise both HE and VET academic and teaching staff.

Facilitator: Denise Kafkalakis, ADG, College of Business, RMIT

3 panelists to be confirmed.


Sharing 2015 LTIF, PDF and GLBD project outcomes

Tuesday, 1 December

Join us to hear about recent College of Business  innovations in learning & teaching. In this session, Learning and Teaching Innovation Fund (LTIF), Program Development Fund (PDF) and Global Learning by Design (GLbD) project leaders and collaborators in the College of Business will share their experiences, project outcomes and impact on learning and teaching.

Presenters: TBA