13 August 2015

How evolution shaped sex

New Scientist Live presents an intriguing talk on the role sexual reproduction has played in the evolution of life.

New Scientist Live


How evolution shaped sex






Storey Hall, 336-348 Swanston Street, City campus.


RMIT student: $19

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Today, most land-living animals reproduce by having sex. But that one simple act creates endless complications. In humans it can create heartache and conflict. More profoundly, it's an inefficient way to reproduce. So why did sex evolve? Over the past decade, biologists have started to find answers to one of life's biggest mysteries. And they are even beginning to shed light on how some of the heartache might be eliminated.

This lecture is presented by paleontologist John Long from Flinders University and evolutionary biologist Rob Brooks from the University of New South Wales.

Tickets for RMIT students are only $19, a discount of $10 off the normal ticket price of $29.

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