RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

51. The role and rights of academic employees and values of the university


All academic employees of the University will have the right, as part of their normal duties, to undertake research, to consult, subject to RMIT’s policy on outside work, outside the University, and to engage in non-teaching work related to the development of their professional experience.


An academic employee will contribute to:

(a) educating students to contribute creatively, critically and responsibly to their professions, vocations, employers and the community in an international and local context;

(b) the academic teaching and learning program, including preparation, marking and student consultation;

(c) scholarship, research, professional and community service activities; and

(d) the administration and management of a School, Department, academic organisational unit or other organisational unit and/or an interdisciplinary area.


The specific duties of an academic employee will vary from time to time but should be consistent with the MSAL in Schedule 1 clause 1 and the academic activities and related provisions of this clause.


An academic employee is expected to support the role of the University as a place of independent learning and thought, where ideas may be put forward and reasoned opinion expressed freely while maintaining respect for and openness to others.


Academic employees will at all times:

(a) perform their duties diligently and honestly; and

(b) provide a duty of care to their students; and

(c) act in a manner that ensures the efficient and effective expenditure of University funds.


Academic staff have the right to participate and express opinions in public debates about issues and ideas related to their area of expertise and higher education issues generally.

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