Tertiary transition experiences from students who are blind or vision impaired. Interviews by Stephen Curry.

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Understanding vision impairment - Vision 2020 Australia

  • Common Vision Impairments
  • Support services


Download Audio IconBuilding skills in employment - TAFE as a professional development opportunity (MP3 12.3MB 10:45mins)

Transcript of Robyn (Word 40kb 5p)

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Download Audio IconSeeing an opportunity (MP3 6.73MB 5:53mins)

Transcript of Peter (Word 33kb 3p)

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Download Audio IconLearning in and out of the classroom (MP3 8.05MB 8:05mins)

Transcript of Bryony (Word 39kb 4p)

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Download Audio IconLearning on the job (MP3 8.88MB 7:45mins)

Transcript of Deane (Word 36kb 4p)

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Download Audio IconAn introduction into TAFE (MP3 7.06MB 6:10mins)

Transcript of Stephen (Word 33kb 3p)

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Download Audio IconReflecting on the learning experience (MP3 9.68MB 8:27mins)

Transcript of Jo (Word 35kb 3p)

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Download Audio IconTAFE - the gateway to learning (MP3 6.3MB 5:30mins)

Transcript of Renee (Word 32kb 2p)

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Download Audio IconStep by step (MP3 8.35MB 7:17mins)

Transcript of Billy (Word 33kb 3p)

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Download Audio IconLearning how to learn (MP3 9.98MB 8:43mins)

Transcript of Danni (Word 35kb 3p)

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Download Audio IconReflecting back and looking forward (MP3 9.01MB 7:52mins)

Transcript of Kevin (Word 35kb 3p)

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Dr Kevin Murfitt

Download Audio IconReflecting back and looking forward (MP3 1.16MB 1:01mins)

Transcript of Dr Kevin Murfutt (Word 35kb 3p)

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