Ergonomic furniture and assessment of workstations policy and procedures

This operational risk control instruction has been developed to assist RMIT University with creating and maintaining a safe work place through the adoption of consistent ergonomic principles for all tasks involving workstations.


This policy applies to all ergonomic furniture used within the University for clerical and screen based workstations; the individual or group assessment of workstations and equipment, and any other application deemed necessary within the scope of this policy.


It is mandatory that any workstation is ergonomically correct where any screen based equipment is used and or introduced, including portable computers.

All ergonomic furniture and associated equipment must comply with Australian Standard AS 3590.2 - "Screen based work stations - Part 2: Work station Furniture", and the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Code of Practice for Manual Handling (Occupational Overuse Syndrome)

There are a number of ways to achieve a positive ergonomic setup at our workstation. Refer to the Ergonomic “Procedure” tab for more information.

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