Fee concession or exemption

General Information

Eligible students can apply for a concession or exemption on their tuition fees for a government subsidised place in an RMIT vocational education program.

Concessions that currently apply are:

  • Students with approved fee concession are charged 20% of the tuition fees of the program.
  • Students with approved fee exemption are not charged any tuition fees for the program.

Eligibility and supporting documentation

For full eligibility details go to Fee concession in detail.

Advise students that to be eligible for a fee concession they must:

  • hold a valid Commonwealth Health Care Card, or be named on the card as a dependent child/spouse; or
  • hold a valid Pensioner Card, or be named on the card as a dependant child/spouse; or
  • hold a valid Veterans’ Gold Card, or be named on the card as a dependant child/spouse.

Students must present a valid concession card or letter from Centrelink (see below). Their card is valid if the start date is before their first scheduled class.

If the student has applied for, but not received, a concession card, then they may instead provide a letter from Centrelink that confirms they have submitted an application and been approved for a concession card. In this instance, students will have the Concession Card Required (CCR) Negative Service Indicator (NSI) placed on their student record in SAMS. Students must provide RMIT with a copy of their health care card once it has been issued. The copy of their evidence will be attached to their original concession application stored in their student file.

If the student is providing an electronic copy of the concession card, the student must log into the digital wallet app in front of an RMIT staff member.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

  • Eligible ATSI students are only required to self-identify once and the indicator will remain on their record indefinitely.
  • ATSI students in a government subsidised place are eligible for concession at all program levels for the lifetime of the program.

When to apply

  • Students must apply each academic year.
  • Students need to apply before the scheduled class start date. If the student applies after the scheduled class start date then their concession or exemption will be applied to the next eligible class in which they are enrolled and all other eligible classes that have not yet commenced, for a year from the date of application.
  • Students can apply before they are enrolled (they do not need to be enrolled in the program for the concession to be applied). They only require a student number in SAMS.
  • Students can apply for a fee concession at any time in the year.
  • Where a student is enrolled after the date of the first scheduled class in their program, the commencement date becomes the date the staff member completed the RMIT declaration on the Victorian training guarantee evidence of students eligibility and student declaration(ESE) form.

Application process

  • If the student is the named card holder, they can apply via Enrolment Online.
  • If the student is listed as a child or dependant, they must complete an Application for vocational educational education fee concession and exemption form (available from RMIT Connect or their school/college) and submit it at RMIT Connect or their RMIT school or college, along with:
    • the original, and
    • a photocopy of a valid concession card (or letter from Centrelink), plus
    • any other documentation required to support their application (e.g. Job Seeker referral form for Job Seekers).

For more information about the application process, go to Apply for a fee concession or exemption.