Learning and Teaching Investment Fund 2009

Summary of Projects

Project Title

Development of an Assessment and Feedback Framework for a 3D/4D Multimedia Learning Tool Based on Industry and Student Input

Project Leaders

Professor Kefei Zhang

Project Summary

In 2007 and 2008 the development of a suite of multimedia learning tools was supported by two Science, Education and Health College action research grants.

The outcome of this work was the creation and testing of a range of 3D/4D

animations designed to help students understand complex, multidimensional concepts and relevant techniques in the application of satellite positioning data. All students surveyed found the multimedia animations improved their understanding and achievement of learning outcomes.

The 2009 LTIF project focused on the complex challenges in relation

to assessment in the discipline of Geospatial Science. The primary project aim was to investigate the prototyping of an assessment and feedback framework for a 3D/4D multimedia learning tool based on industry and student input, developed to enhance student learning across a wider range of settings.


  • The introduction of the system into actual class learning and assessment activities in 2010.
  • Identification of a range of industry-focused situations and contexts for the application of this system.
  • A bank of simulations and case studies developed, based on industry and practitioners’ needs.
  • A range of problem-based learning questions based on the inputs from both industry and students who use the technology.
  • The questions were incorporated into formative and summative assessment processes.
  • The production of a multimedia suite and bank of industry scenarios for the design of problem-based assessment tasks.
  • The Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment has shown an interest in obtaining a customised version of the multimedia suite for staff development and, as a government agency, to guide industry standards on professional procedures.
  • The world largest International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) conference 2010 has accepted our paper as refereed paper and invited presentation. The other has been published at American Education Science Review in February 2010.

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