30 June 2009

Bundoora campus staff address 30 June 2009

Question and answer session

Q. What is the proposed timeframe for rollout of broadband access across the campus?

A. Information to date indicates that it should be ready by the end of 2009.

Q. Are there any plans for a Macintosh computer lab on the Bundoora campus?

A. There are no specific plans for a Mac lab, however there are plans for the consolidation of computer labs and this may be included. If this is required a request outlining the required need should be forwarded to Property Services with a cc to the Campus Manager (PVC SEH Novell Account).

Q. Will the new lecture theatre be used as an examination venue?

A. The theatre has tiered seating, therefore it cannot be used as an examination venue. The breakout rooms could be used for smaller numbers of students.

Q. The old escalators in Building 201 were affected by landscaping materials blowing onto them, how will this be addressed for the installation of the new escalators?

A. This issues has been investigated by Property Services and strategies will be put into place to remove the impact of this issue.

Q. Escalators are not suitable for use by some disabled students, what plans have been put into place to address issues relating to access for these student?

A. An improved maintenance regime for the goods lift is being investigated by Property Services. Although the option for improving the escalators is being implemented as a short term solution, planning for additional lifts will be investigated in future plans for the building. The installation of lifts is a longer term project that will cause disruption to students over a greater period of time. A management plan is being put into place to address the issue of safe transportation of gas cylinders.

Q. When will the newly branded sky signs be installed?

A. Work has already commenced and signage will be in place by Open Day.

Q. How will the Bundoora campus be serviced by Property Services following the consolidation of the Service Desk staff to the City campus?

A. There should be no adverse affects from the consolidation of this Service Desk. Property Services will continue to provide a full service to staff on the Bundoora campus.

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