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Kaye Scholfield

Key Activities

Dr Kaye Scholfield manages the overall activities of the RMIT University Hamilton.

Professional Interests

  • 2002 – Glenelg Southern Grampians LLEN Committee of Management
  • 2003 - RIRDC Rural Women’s Award network
  • 2005 - Southern Grampians Youth Network (Chair)
  • 2006 - Western District Health Services Community Engagement Advisory Committee
  • 2009 - South West TAFE, Campus Committee
  • 2010 - Southern Grampians Shire Hamilton Education Cluster Project Development Committee

Research grants and projects

  • 2006 -9 10MMM – Young People, Technology and Social Relationships (funded by VicHealth)
  • 2009 - Next Generation Rural Leaders Program (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry)
  • 2009 – 12 Landscapes for Young People (L4YP) in Glenelg and Southern Grampians Shires (Funding Victorian Department of Planning and Community Development)
  • 2009 – 12 The Potter Rural Community Research Network – Regional development, complex rural future (Ian Potter Foundation, Handbury Trust and RMIT


Book Chapters

Scholfield, K. (2004). Home among the gumtrees. In Protecting the future: Stories of sustainability from RMIT University. Canberra: CSIRO.

Brown, J., Collits, P., & Scholfield, K. (2009). Involving young people in research: Lessons from the 10MMM project in south western Victoria. In G. Calvert & L. Emerson, Involving children and young people in research. Woden, ACT: ARACY & NSW Commission for Children and Young People.

Journal Articles (refereed)

Brumby, S., Eversole, R., Scholfield, K., & Watt, L. Rural youth and multimedia: An interagency approach. Youth Studies Australia, 26(3), 29-36.

Eversole, R., & Scholfield, K. (2006). Governance in the Gaps: Inter-agency action in a rural town. Rural Society, 16(3), 320-328.

Conference papers

Collits, P., & Scholfield, K. (2009a). Engaging young people. Keynote presentation at the Small Towns Summit, Maffra, VIC.

Collits, P., & Scholfield, K. (2009b). Innovation in rural regions: The notion of ‘intersection’.. Paper presented at the Pacific Regional Science Conference, Gold Coast. QLD.

Eversole, R.,& Scholfield, K. (2006a). Clockwork and network: Getting things done in a rural town. Paper presented at the Governments and Communities in Partnership Conference, University of Melbourne, VIC.

Eversole, R., & Scholfield, K. (2006b). The good, the bad and the very small: What are the special challenges/opportunities of micro-university sites? Paper presented at the Australian Universities Community Engagement Alliance National Conference, Fremantle, WA.

Scholfield, K. (2004) Is the University a Leader or Partner in a Learning Community? Paper presented at the ALCN Conference, Newcastle, NSW.

Scholfield, K. (2005). Keeping the romance alive: The four Rs of relationship building. Paper presented at the Australian Universities Community Engagement Alliance National Conference, Melbourne, VIC.

Scholfield, K. (2006). Young people, technology and the digital divide. Paper presented at the Victorian Learning Communities Seminar, Melton, VIC.

Scholfield, K., & Currie, T. (2005). Harmony in ‘e’ – the human factor and e-learning in a rural teaching and learning setting. Paper presented at the RMIT University Teaching and Learning Conference, RMIT university, Melbourne.

Scholfield, K., Eversole, R., & Wagg, C. (2006). Paper presented at the International Landcare Conference, Melbourne, VIC.

Scholfield, K., & Howcroft, D. (2004). Building a professional development culture. Paper presented at the RMIT Community Engagement Conference, RMIT University Hamilton.

Scholfield, K., & Howcroft, D. (2010).Cross-sectoral collaboration for rural community well-being. Paper and workshop presented at the IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion, Geneva

Government Inquiries

Scholfield, K. (2005). House of Representatives Inquiry into Rural Skills Training and Research, Geelong, VIC.

Scholfield, K. (2006). Victorian Government Inquiry into Retention of Young People in Regional Victoria, Dunkeld, VIC

Commissioned Reports

Scholfield, K., & Smale, E. (2002). Learning Communities National Project 2001 Audit Report. Report to the Australian National Training Authority on the Southern Grampians Learning Community Project.

Scholfield, K., Eversole, R., Krummel, S., Hansted, W., Wagg, C., Johnson, M., Alvarez, A., Beattie, L., & Schlapp, J. (2006). The Potter Famland Plan: Past, Present and Future. Report to the Ian Potter Foundation. RMIT University: Hamilton, VIC.

Scholfield, K., Collits, P., Schlapp, J., Wagg, C., & Johnson, M. (2009). Building on the Potter Legac: Beyond the Potter Farmland Project – Learning from the Past, Adapting for the Future. Report to the Ian Potter Foundation. RMIT University: Hamilton, VIC.