Student Support Advisory Services

Student Support offers practical help, advice and support to current local and international students.

Talk to a Student Support Advisor as soon as there is a need, often the sooner you can contact us the more options you will have.

Student Support Advisors

We assist with:

  • accommodation advice
  • legal advice
  • money advice
  • making cultural and social adjustments
  • studying successfully.

We can:

  • help you settle into studying at RMIT and living in Melbourne
  • help you understand what is expected of you as a student
  • explain University policies and procedures
  • help you deal with life’s challenges and develop options for handling them
  • support you when unexpected things happen or you are in a crisis.

We also:

  • provide contact for AusAID and sponsored students
  • connect students to other Student Services for specialist advice and finding resources in the community.

Crisis situations

Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in crisis and are:

  • the victim of an assault
  • homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • grieving the illness or death of family or friends
  • affected by a natural disaster overseas
  • worried about a missing or troubled fellow student
  • affected by any other personal tragedy.

We will provide support to help you through the situation.

Contact us

To talk with a Student Support Advisor please make an appointment online, by phone, or in person at RMIT Connect.

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