Health, safety and security policy


As an international university of technology, RMIT recognises the importance of having systems and facilities to support and sustain excellence in education and research.

RMIT is committed to providing a healthy, safe and secure environment; one which enhances the experience for students and allows staff in academic and service areas to work actively and creatively without risk of injury or illness.


The objective of this policy is to:

  • prevent injury or illness in the workplace,
  • ensure compliance with regulatory requirements,
  • provide a crime free environment where students, staff and visitors can work and study without threat or fear,
  • continually improve the standard of health, safety and personal security within the workplace,
  • do everything that is reasonably practicable to protect the physical property both of RMIT and of staff, students, contractors and all visitors to RMIT and
  • integrate health, safety and security into the University’s management structures, systems and strategies


This policy applies to all staff, students, contractors and visitors as well as all University owned buildings, leased or hired building space, structures, external areas and vehicles.

Policy provisions

The University is committed to providing and maintaining a high standard of health, safety, security and well-being for all people within the workplace. This commitment will be achieved through:

  • strong leadership where responsibilities for health, safety and security are clearly defined throughout all levels of the organisation;
  • the integration of health, safety and security planning, monitoring and reporting into University management structures;
  • effective consultation and communication of health, safety and security issues through the involvement of all members of the University community;
  • systems that ensure the identification and control of workplace hazards and compliance with regulatory requirements;
  • adequate and ongoing resources to ensure the design, construction and maintenance of buildings and the purchase and maintenance of materials and equipment, comply with legal requirements and take into consideration the safety, security, health and well being of the University community;
  • the provision of information, instruction, training and supervision that will allow all staff and students to perform their work in as safe a manner as possible;
  • the provision of advice and information which aims to protect the personal safety of staff and students and the safety of RMIT and personal property;
  • support for those whose health has been affected by the workplace;
  • adequate systems and resources to manage potential emergency situations and testing and review of such systems on a regular basis, and
  • the allocation of resources to develop and support the University’s health, safety and security management systems

All persons who have a responsibility for the management of others are accountable for the health, safety and security standards of the work environment and for the health, safety and security of all staff, students, contractors and visitors under their control.

However, health, safety and security are shared responsibilities and all members of the University community must co-operate to ensure a high standard of health, safety and security is maintained for all people within the workplace.

‘The University prohibits smoking at all times in all university buildings, within three metres of building entrances and vehicles. If breached, disciplinary action may be taken against the staff member’

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