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PhD., Faculty of Education, Deakin University, 1994. Reforming TAFE: Can a Leopard Change its Spots? A Study in the Continuities and Contradictions of Power, Class, Work and Training in the Australian State.
Master of Educational Administration, Deakin University, 1990
Graduate Diploma of Educational Studies (Computers in Education), Charles Sturt University, 1986.
Diploma of Teaching, Canberra University, 1974.

Teaching/Work responsibilities

  • Head of Department of the Industry, Professional and Adult Education, Faculty of Education, Language and Community Services, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University.
  • Co-Director of the Universiti Sains Malaysia and RMIT University International Literacy Research Unit.
  • Associate Dean, research Office, Faculty of Education, Language and Community Services, RMIT University.

Honorary Positions

Visiting Researcher Universiti Sains Malaysia, Faculty of Humanities.


  • Member National Institute of Languages of Australia Incorporated Australia, Queensland Adult Literacy Research Node, 1993-1998.
  • Member editorial board of Education Australia 1993-
  • Vice President and Executive member Australian Vocational Education Training Research Association 1997-

Recent Research

English Rules OK: The Business of Teaching Local and Global Englishes 2000 with Michael Singh and Ambigapthy Pandian. This joint research involving RMIT University and the Universiti of Sains Malaysia was awarded a small Australian Research Council Grant. The study involves an analysis of the English Language Training industry in South East Asia and Australia. The objectives of the research concern the relationship between globalisation and localisation and the English Language Teaching business in the context of a competitive transnational market.

Review of Overseas Qualifications Unit 1998 with Dr Bill Cope, Jenny Howard. This review involved a review of the activities of the on behalf of Employment Victoria. The Review examined the appropriateness effectiveness and efficiency of government services provided to ethnic communities in skills and qualification recognition

VET Provider Analysis 1998 This review conducted with Mr Jack Keating, Dr Grace Lynch and Ms Brigid Freeman involves research and consultancy to the Victorian Department of Education analysing the involvement of industry in vocational education in Victorian schools.

Evaluation of Queensland Adult Education Literacy, Language and Numeracy Policy, 1997 for Department of Industrial Relations and Training, Project leader with Dr Bill Cope, Ms Angela Hill and Ms Jenny Howard. This project involved an evaluation of relevance, scope and coherence of the peak literacy and numeracy policy in policy and in Queensland. The Report submitted in April 1997 made recommendations. All these recommendations have been adopted by the Queensland government.

Mapping Teacher’s Work, Charting New Futures: Final Research Report on the Effect of the Open Training Market Orientation of Institutes of TAFE on the Professional Practice of Teachers. (1997) Project Leader with Ms Jo Balatti, Ms Angela Hill and Mr Sandy Muspratt. Commissioned research for TAFE Queensland in three Institutes of TAFE interviewing 45 teachers on changing work practices and proposals for professional development in the context of the Open Training Market. The outcome of this project was a major report with 16 recommendations on professional development, career planning, team management and job redesign for TAFE teachers..

The Impact of the Open Training Market on TAFE Queensland at The Institute Level, (1996) Project Leader with Ms Jo Balatti and Ms Angela Hill. Commissioned research for TAFE Queensland involved interviews with 35 TAFE staff on changing work practices and strategies to improve TAFE’s market position.

Impact of the Open Training Market: Mapping Professional Practice, (1997) Project Leader with Ms Jo Balatti, Ms Angela Hill, Mr Sandy Muspratt. Commissioned research for TAFE Queensland in three Institutes of TAFE interviewing 40 teachers on changing work practices and proposals for professional development in the context of the Open Training Market. Outcome of this project was three Institutional Reports concerning administrative and professional development reforms.

Private Training in North Queensland, (1994-95) small ARC grant Project Leader with Ms Jo Balatti & Mr Sandy Muspratt. This project involved a survey of 50 private providers and selected case studies and in regional North Queensland.

Selected Publications 1995-

Books and Monographs.

Kell, P.(ed) (in production for 2003) Adult Education @ 21 st Century: future Issues for Theory and Practice, Langs New York.

Kell, P.(ed) ( in press for release 2001) A Revolution in Learning: New Ways of Teaching and Learning in New Times, Common Ground Press, Melbourne.

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Kell, P., (1995) A Survival Guide For Adult Educators in Australian Language and Training Policy, NLLIA, Brisbane. 20p

Book Chapters.

Kell, P., (2001) Open For Business: The Market, The State and Adult Literacy in Australia Up to and Beyond 2000, in Lo Bianco, J. & Wickert, R., Language and Literacy Australian Policy Activism, Language Australia, Canberra.

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Kell, P., (1995) Book Review: The Workplace in Education: Australian Perspectives. in The Australian Journal Of Educational Research, 23, (2), 136-138

Research Reports and Policy Documents.

Keating, J., Kell, P., Lynch, G. Freeman, B., (1999) VET in Schools Delivery Analysis: Report To Professional and Leadership Development Centre, Department of Education, Victoria.

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Reviews, Magazine Articles and Published Papers.

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Track Record.

Associate Professor Peter Kell is Head of Department of Industry Professional and Adult Education RMIT University. He was previously the Program Manager of Adult and Vocational Education at the Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, James Cook University. He has a long involvement in Technical and Further Education, Education, Health and Corrections fields both professionally and academically. He was a senior manager and a program manager in the NSW TAFE and NSW Correctives Services system.

Assoc Professor Kell entered an academic career in 1993 at James Cook University of North Queensland. His research has primarily in been in the area of vocational education analysing the impact of the open training market. His work included research with TAFE Queensland on the changing nature of VET teachers’ work in the context of the Open Training Market. He has also conducted research into private providers of VET in North Queensland. A paper on this research entitled The Private, the Public and Open Training Markets: A Study of Private Training Providers in Regional North Queensland was published in the Australian Educational Researcher.

He has written and researched extensively training markets and the work of teachers in response to the marketisation of education. His research interests include issues associated with privatisation and the programs that link industry, the community and education programs. Most recently Dr Kell was in a team with Dr Bill Cope and Ms Jenny Howard member in an Evaluation of the Overseas Qualifications Unit of the Victorian department of Employment.

Dr Kell has been an occasional columnist with the Campus Review commentating on VET matters including the internationalisation of VET and higher education. He has also been a regular contributor to The Age, The Australian newspapers and a number of his articles have been reproduced overseas.

In 2000 Associate Professor Peter Kell has published Good Sports: Australian Sport and the Myth of the Fair Go published by Pluto Press. This book is a critical analysis of Australia’s sporting culture with a specific focus on issues of race, identity and nationalism and the way in which the media has covered these issues. The success of this book and the critique of media coverage has ensured that Dr Kell is a regular media commentator on sporting issues associated with race and identity. He has been cited in HQ, the Sun Herald, The Age and been a regular commentator on ABC radio.

Associate Professor Kell with Professor Michael Singh and Associate Professor Ambigapathy Pandian have co-authored a book entitled Appropriating English: The Business of Teaching Global Local Englishes. The result oif this international collaboration will be release in 2001/02 by Peter Lang. It is an analysis of the English Language Training business in the Asia Pacific region.