06 July 2009

Program Guides have moved

As a part of the implementation of the new Program Guide System, the old Student Program Guides in PDF format have been transitioned into the new system at Handbook (Student Program Guides). To find a program, enter the Program Code in the search box to access a transitioned guide.

The web page with the old PDFs at www.rmit.edu.au/programguides will be switched off on Monday 13 July. If you have documents or web pages with references or links to this old web page or directly to the PDFs (i.e. via Blackboard), you will need to update them before the web page is removed.

For further information on the Program Guide Transition Plan, please contact your college Program Guide working party representative.

Amended Program Guides

A Student Program Guide for each program/plan/campus which has an existing PDF will be available in the Program Guide System with the exception of those guides which have a PDF but have an amendment for 2010. Programs which have an amendment for 2010 will be progressively transitioned into the Program Guide System once approval has been received from the relevant College Board.

For further information on the transition process, please contact Yvonne Alexander-Smith on x58796 (Tuesday to Friday).

[Source: Yvonne Alexander-Smith, Course and Program Administration, Academic Registrar’s Group]