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Student exchange allows you to study overseas for the equivalent of one semester or up to one year. As long as you are enrolled as a full-time student, you are eligible to study in another country while only paying your usual RMIT fees. On completion, the study undertaken can be credited towards your RMIT program.

I found that studying abroad really is a gift that you give yourself. Not only was it great for me on an academic level, but I also had an absolutely amazing time being able to travel all over America in my spare time! After returning from what I would call a life changing experience, I am now a stronger and more confident person.

Hannah Chipp, Public Relations exchange student (Kirkwood) 2009

RMIT has partnership agreements with over 100 international institutions. All RMIT full-time students are eligible to apply to study overseas, and you can still complete your RMIT program in the same amount of time.

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Course content and assessment

Partner institutions offer a range of diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate courses taught in English across a wide number of disciplines.

You will be assessed in accordance with the host institution.

The courses you successfully complete overseas can be credited to your RMIT studies, provided you have sought approval from your home School beforehand.

Eligibility and application

For information about eligibility and application, please visit the student exchange page.


For information about costs to study in an exchange program, please visit the financial support options page.


Visit the student exchange partners web page to view the current list of exchange partners available to business students, and links to the exchange partner websites.

News and events

There are currently no information sessions scheduled for the student exchange at this time. Future information sessions will be listed here when available.

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