Graduate attributes


RMIT’s graduate attributes are:


Graduates of RMIT University will have an appropriate level of English language proficiency. They will have participated in learning opportunities to develop the confidence to approach employment with enthusiasm, appropriate knowledge and commitment and will possess the skills and knowledge to develop the ability to contribute to their community and the development of the industry in which they work.

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Global in outlook & competence

Graduates of RMIT University will have had opportunities to acquire professional, cultural skills that enable them to engage thoughtfully and effectively with the great diversity of people and situations they encounter at work and socially.

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Environmentally aware & responsible

Graduates of RMIT University will have engaged in processes to develop their abilities to recognise environmental and social impacts and to provide leadership on sustainable approaches to complex problems.

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Culturally & socially aware

Graduates of RMIT University will have developed cultural, social and ethical awareness and skills, consistent with a positive role as responsible and engaged members of local, national, international and professional communities.

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Active & lifelong learners

Graduates of RMIT University will be active and lifelong learners, capable of increasing their knowledge and skills to match their career needs and to enhance their set of professional and personal life skills and knowledge.

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Graduates of RMIT University will have had the opportunity to develop creative and innovative ways of knowing, thinking and doing, using critically reflective and transformative approaches to generate new ideas, artefacts, products, interpretations or ways of viewing professional projects and tasks.

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