Conversion of Vocational Education fixed term staff to continuing employment instruction

Instruction statement

This instruction provides guidance regarding eligibility and criteria for Vocational Education staff to convert from fixed term to continuing employment.


Academic, professional, childcare and executive staff

Instruction steps and actions

Who can apply for conversion from fixed term to continuing employment?

To be eligible to apply for conversion from fixed term to continuing employment, a Vocational Education staff member must:

1) have two or more years of contiguous fixed term service; or

2) be engaged on a second or subsequent fixed term contract of employment; and it is intended for the work to continue.

What criteria will be considered when determining an application for conversion from fixed term to continuing employment?

1. Accredited Teaching Qualifications

The candidate for the continuing position must hold a teaching qualification accredited at minimum of Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) Level 5 which includes supervised teaching practice and studies in teaching methodology, e.g. Diploma. In addition the candidate must meet the training and assessment competencies requirements of the Vocational Education and Training Quality Framework/VQF (previously Australian Quality Training Framework/AQTF) in line with the VE teacher qualifications policy process. The relevant Head of School is responsible for determining whether the accredited teaching qualification satisfies the requirement.

2. Ongoing need for teaching services

The relevant Head of School must be convinced that the majority of teaching load (at least 80% of work allocated each year) falls within the ongoing Vocational Education/OTTE performance agreement in relation to high priority programs.

3. Ongoing performance assessment

The Head of School must be convinced that the staff member has always demonstrated high level of performance in all aspects of teaching and student/client management and assessed to be positively and constructively making effective contribution to the objectives and strategies of RMIT. In case that there are areas that require more attention and improvements as part of the overall performance of the staff member, Head of School should in a transparent and open manner communicate and consult with the staff member as to what the expectations are so that an appropriate opportunity is given to staff to work towards improving on his/her performance. The standard RMIT policies and procedures should be used for this purpose. The Head of School may consult with the staff member’s Program Manager to make a well-informed determination.

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