Enrolment: cross-campus studies – Vietnam to Melbourne instruction

Instruction statement

This document sets out the steps that will be followed to enable students at an RMIT Vietnam (RVN) campus to complete up to a maximum of two semesters of their program at an RMIT Melbourne campus as a cross-campus student.

In order to be eligible for cross-campus studies in Melbourne, students must:

  • be enrolled in an RMIT Vietnam program (at Australian Qualifications Framework level 5 or above),
  • be enrolled in the equivalent award program that is CRICOS registered in Australia
  • have completed at least two semesters of full-time studies in the undergraduate program or one semester of full-time studies in the postgraduate program at RMIT Vietnam,
  • be 18 years of age or over at time of application,
  • have a minimum GPA of 2.0 or equivalent,
  • meet all eligibility criteria for an Australian student (subclass 573, 574) visa, and
  • be approved (via Study Plan) to complete and then enrol in a full-time load of 48 credit points (or the study load requirement to complete their program) per semester for the duration of their cross-campus studies.


  • Students transferring from RMIT Vietnam to RMIT Melbourne to complete their program
  • Exchange students
  • Cross-campus (Melbourne to Vietnam) students
  • Extensions beyond the cross-campus duration for which a student originally applied (whether one or two semesters) are not permitted.

Instruction steps and actions

Instruction (including key points)



Application and selection

1. Advertise cross-campus study opportunities in Melbourne via RMIT website, social media announcements and designated information sessions

Global Mobility Coordinator (RVN)

All year round

2. Access application via the online portal.

3. Complete all application documents and submit to the Global Mobility Coordinator at RMIT Vietnam


  • Applications include a Study Plan document which notes student’s approval for up to eight RMIT Melbourne courses per semester for the duration of the cross-campus studies. Students then select their full-time load from their approved courses (see point 25)
  • Applications must be submitted before published deadlines


By application deadline

For Semester 1 applications will need to be completed by mid-August of the year before

For Semester 2, by mid-February of the same year.

4. Receive applications

5. Assess student applications against eligibility criteria

6. Upload applications to Google drive and share with Global Mobility in Melbourne

Note: If a student does not meet the eligibility criteria, the Global Mobility Coordinator (RVN) informs the student of the outcome.

Global Mobility Coordinator (RVN)

For Semester 1 this will be August 30 of the year before

For Semester 2 this will be 28/29 February of the same year.

Approve application

7. Download applications from Google drive and record them in <applicable semester> inbound spreadsheet

8. Email applications to relevant school selection officer/s for course approval

Global Mobility (Melbourne)

Within 2 – 5 working days from receipt of application

9. Approve course selection and advise Global Mobility (Melbourne) by return email

Note: Global Mobility (Melbourne) is responsible for follow-up on all pending course approvals after 10 working days.

RMIT Melbourne school selection officer

Within 5 – 10 working days from receipt of application

10. Generate official offer documentation and email to Global Mobility Coordinator (RVN) including:

  • offer letter,
  • proxy form and instructions, and
  • offer acceptance form

Global Mobility (Melbourne)

When a minimum of 48 credit points has been pre-approved for the student

11. Forward offer documentation to the student

Note: the student is also sent an invoice covering the associated tuition fees that they will need to pay before departing Vietnam.

Global Mobility Coordinator (RVN)

Within 2 – 5 working days of student being approved for 48 credit points

Admit student into cross-campus studies

12. Sign, complete and return the offer acceptance form

Note: student must also attach proof of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) payment and proxy form.


Within 5 – 10 working days

13. Forward acceptance to Global Mobility (Melbourne)

Global Mobility Coordinator (RVN)

Within 2 – 5 working days of receiving student acceptance and OSHC proof

14. Generate offer acceptance pack including electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE)

15. Email student’s acceptance pack including an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCOE) to the Global Mobility Coordinator (RVN)

Global Mobility (Melbourne)

Within 5 – 10 working days of receiving acceptance

16. Forward acceptance pack to the student

Global Mobility Coordinator (RVN)

Within 2 – 5 working days of receiving acceptance

17. Run compulsory pre-departure session for all students

Global Mobility Coordinator (RVN)

Two months before student’s Orientation in Melbourne

Enrolment in cross-campus studies

18. Update student’s enrolment in Student Record System (SRS) by adding the generic “Exchange place holder” course details.

Global Mobility Coordinator (RVN)

After student submits offer acceptance form (Step 12)

19. Pay associated tuition fees before departure


Between weeks 6 - 9 of RMIT Vietnam semester before cross-campus studies

20. Share full list of all approved students (including all approved courses) with Enrolments and Records, (mobility.enrolment@rmit.edu.au).

NOTE: this document also includes the approved duration of the students’ cross-campus studies

Global Mobility (Melbourne)

At least 10 working days before students’ Orientation in Melbourne

21. RMIT Vietnam to ensure that student has no outstanding debts. Any students’ with debts details to be forwarded to mobility.enrolment@rmit.edu.au

NOTE: Any student debtors will have “VDR” Negative Service indicator added to their record in SAMS by Enrolment and Student Records

Global Mobility Coordinator (RVN)

At least 10 working days before students’ Orientation in Melbourne

22. Amend the students’ records in SAMS to onshore data as follows:

  • Student’s plan is amended to onshore version
  • Student is term activated in onshore terms (e.g. 1510)
  • Student’s fund source is updated to BH (RMIT Vietnam International student in Australia)
  • Student’s citizenship is updated to International onshore temp entry
  • Student’s program campus is changed to AUSCY (or AUSBN or AUSBU)
  • Action reason used is: ”GMTM: Global mobility temp to Melbourne”
  • Onshore EOL Checklist is set up for the student
  • External Study Tab in the Term Activation panel reflects that the student is completing cross-campus study in Melbourne that term

Enrolment and Student Records, RMIT Melbourne

Within 2 – 5 working days of receipt of student list

23. Send students welcome communication email, including Enrolment Online instructions

Global Mobility (Melbourne)

2-5 working days after sending final list to Enrolment and Student Records (in Step 20)

24. Log in to MyRMIT and access Enrolment Online

  • Update personal statistical information via EOL Checklist
  • Enrol in pre-approved courses


Before departing Vietnam

25. Attend compulsory orientation session in Melbourne

  • Update contact information to Melbourne
  • Finalise course enrolment to full-time study load

Note: EOL session run jointly by Global Mobility (Melbourne) and Enrolment and Student Records


Refer to published Orientation dates

Melbourne census dates

26. Run a report using iExplore to identify all RMIT Vietnam students’ courses in Melbourne

Note: any discrepancies in the two records are addressed

27. Provide student list to Enrolments and Records (RVN) including details: student ID, courses and class numbers

Global Mobility Coordinator (RVN)

5 – 10 working days after Melbourne census date

28. Create courses in SRS and update students’ enrolments in SRS to mirror Melbourne enrolment

NOTE: adjusted invoice may be required and will be sent by Enrolments and Records RMIT billing team if necessary

Enrolments and Records (RVN)

5 – 10 working days

29. Cross-check iExplore report to ensure consistency between SRS and SAMS. Advise Enrolments and Records (RVN) if any issues

Global Mobility Coordinator (RVN)

2 working days

Completion of cross-campus studies

30. Students who wish to cancel their cross-campus enrolment may do so by:

  • Advising Global Mobility (Melbourne) in writing (eao@rmit.edu.au) and;
  • submitting a Cancellation of Enrolment form to the Hub


31. Send an email to students advising to re-enrol online before the relevant published dates for the upcoming year at RMIT Vietnam

Enrolments and Records (RVN)

Before relevant RMIT Vietnam published date

32. Re-enrol in upcoming RMIT Vietnam semester

33. Complete cross-campus courses in Melbourne

34. Return to Vietnam


Before relevant RMIT Vietnam published date

35. Amend students’ record back to Vietnam data in SAMS (reversing data in 22 above)

NOTE: The duration of the student’s cross-campus studies was advised in 17 above. Any changes to this duration (e.g., due to cancellation) must be advised in writing to mobility.enrolment@rmit.edu.au by Global Mobility (Melbourne)

Enrolment and Student Records, RMIT Melbourne

5 – 10 working days after end of RMIT Melbourne semester

36. Send “goodbye” email to all students returning to RMIT Vietnam

Enrolment and Student Records, RMIT Melbourne

5 – 10 working days after end of RMIT Melbourne semester

37. Email a complete list of students who are returning to RMIT Vietnam to isvisa@rmit.edu.au to ensure ESOS compliance.

Enrolment and Student Records, RMIT Melbourne

5 working days after record is amended in 35 above

38. Email list of students (including term and program) to Exams, Awards and Graduations (completions@rmit.edu.au) to request transcript text be added

Enrolment and Student Records, RMIT Melbourne

Once per semester

39. Enter the following transcript text against the student records. (Where the number of students exceeds 20, Business Systems and Processes will upload this data via robot).

Transcript text: “Global passport activity recorded for studies at RMIT Melbourne”

Exams Awards and Graduations

Within 2 – 5 working days

40. Once they have completed their RMIT award, students may apply to graduate at a ceremony in either Melbourne or a Vietnam.

Exams Awards and Graduations

On completion of student’s program.

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