Learning and Teaching

We provide resources, one-on-one support and facilitated group information sessions for new teaching staff, and experienced academics looking at adopting new practices.


College of Business Learning & Teaching Hub

This Hub connects College of Business staff teaching into RMIT programs with insights into learning, teaching and assessment, and innovative 21st century pedagogies.

Course and program, development and delivery

  • Articulation and learning pathways in the College of Business
  • AQF compliance
  • Course Coordinator's Handbook
  • Course and Program System, CAPS
  • Course guides - College of Business Guidelines for course guides, course delivery, assessment, and penalties
  • Course guides – Guidelines for writing HE Course Guides
  • Equivalence and comparability
  • The 1:1:1 Delivery Model Trial
  • Undergraduate Program Rationalisation

Learning and teaching spaces

  • Learning spaces in the SAB video series
  • SAB Professional Development Resources
    • Academic literature
    • PD session information
    • Posters of learning spaces
    • Quick guides
    • Reports
    • Videos
  • Other spaces

Teaching practice

  • Examples of good teaching practice from the College of Business
  • Graded Assessment Model
  • Inclusive teaching
  • Perspectives on learning & teaching
  • Sessional guide to learning & teaching
  • Transnational teaching quick guides
  • Understanding and improving CES/CEQ results

Teaching technologies

  • Beginners guide to copyright
  • Blackboard
    • Add announcements your Blackboard
    • Add the referencing tool website link to your Blackboard
    • Blackboard Quality Checklist
    • Wikis in Blackboard
  • e-Submission of assignments & Turnitin
  • Industry video case studies/interviews