Use of TRIM to manage Victorian Government TAFE/VET contracts instruction

Instruction statement

This instruction provides information about how to use the “to do” item functionality in TRIM, in order to implement the Management of Victorian Government TAFE/VET contracts procedure.

Information in these instructions assumes you have access to and are familiar with using TRIM.

An overview of the procedure is provided in the Use of TRIM to manage Victorian Government TAFE/VET contracts Process Flowchart.

Instruction (including key points)



Locate the record in TRIM for the relevant contract.

Office of Director TAFE

Where applicable, identify the specific clause in the contract which requires an action.

Office of Director TAFE

Create a new To Do item for the required action/clause. Refer to Appendix 2 - Creating a to do item for detailed instructions.

The details in the To Do item must follow the required format, as shown in Appendix 2.

Office of Director TAFE

Once a To Do item has been created, TRIM will automatically send an email notification to the Assignee.

Notifications are sent:

(a) when the task is first assigned;

(b) when it first becomes overdue;

(c) every week after the overdue date until the item is marked as complete.

Office of Director TAFE

Once an Assignee has completed a To Do item, the item must be marked as “complete” in TRIM. Refer to Appendix 3 – completing a to do item.


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