ACESA Proceedings

Proceedings of the 15th Annual Conference of the Association for Chinese Economics Studies Australia (ACESA)

Welcome to the Proceedings of the 15th Annual Conference of the Association for Chinese Economics Studies Australia (ACESA), held in Melbourne on 2 - 3 October, 2003. The conference was hosted by RMIT University and was sponsored by the Ford Foundation, RMIT University and Peking University. The theme of this years conference was China in the New Era: Strategies for Sustainable Economic Growth and Business Responses to Regional Demands and Global Opportunities. The 15th Annual ACESA Conference attracted over 45 high quality submissions of which 34 were accepted for inclusion in the final Proceedings as refereed papers. The review process for the full conference papers was in accordance with the DEST E1 Refereed Conference publication requirements. All full papers were subject to a blind peer review by two referees. Also some selected papers were subject to additional review by the Conference editorial panel.

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Part 1: WTO Membership and International Competitiveness

A Study of Changes in the Chinese Automotive Market Resulting from WTO Entry (PDF 385 Kb)

  • Lily Lin Qiu, Hella Asia Pacific
  • Lindsay Turner, Victoria University
  • Lindsay Smyrk, Victoria University

Risk Management and Contractual Issues in Sino-Australian Wool Trade in the WTO Era (PDF 459 Kb)

  • Ben Lyons, University of Queensland

Shanghai as an International Financial Centre (PDF 526 Kb)

  • James Laureston, The University of Queensland
  • Kam Ki Tang, The University of Queensland
  • Hui Mei Wong, The University of Queensland

Part 2: Economic Transition and Structural Changes

Polarization and Mode of Transition in China and Russia during the Transition (PDF 403 Kb)

  • Haiting Guan, Peking University

Steering and Rowing in Chinese SOEs: the Modern Enterprise System and the Party-State (PDF 259 Kb)

  • Xuezhu Bai, La Trobe University
  • Lynne Bennington, La Trobe University

“Building Nests to Attract Birds”: China’s Hi-Tech Zones and their Impacts on Transition from Low-Skill to High-Value Added Process (PDF 418 Kb)

  • Mark Yaolin Wang, The University of Melbourne
  • Xiaochen Meng, Peking University

Part 3: Capital Market and Financial Development

The Stock Return-Volume Relation and Policy Effects: The Case of the Chinese Energy Sector (Ms Word 2.17 Mb)

  • Xiangmei Fan, The University of Western Australia and Hunan Normal University
  • Nicolaas Groenewold, The University of Western Australia
  • Yanrui Wu, The University of Western Australia

Financial Development and Economic Growth: The Empirical Evidence from China (PDF 347 Kb)

  • Jordan Shan, Victoria University and Peking University

Time Varying Betas on China’s A and B Share Indices (PDF 290 Kb)

  • Robert Brooks, RMIT University

Part 4: Company Governance and Management Process

Chinese Managers and Motivation for Change: The Challenges and a Framework (PDF 347 Kb)

  • Yuan Fang, Macquarie University
  • Chris Hall, Macquarie University

Independent Directors: A New Chapter of the Development of Corporate Governance in China(Ms Word 116 Kb)

  • Helen Wei Hu, Monash University

A Review of Management and Organizational Research on china in Leading North American Journals(PDF 270 Kb)

  • Qin Yuan Jiang, Edith Cowan University
  • Xue Li Huang, Edith Cowan University

A Model for Examining the Changing Role of HRM in Chinese Organizations: A Knowledge Perspective (PDF 329 Kb)

  • Marianne Gloet, RMIT University
  • Michael Berrell, James Cook University

Part 5: Commercialisation of Education, Science and Technology

Chinese Universities At The Beginning Of The 21st Century (PDF 298 Kb)

  • Ian Fraser, RMIT University

The Commercialisation of Science and Technology: Government Strategies in Australia and China (PDF 301 Kb)

  • Chen Yangfa, Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission
  • Ji Yu Juan, Tianjin Institute of Scientific and Technical Information
  • Peter Sheldrake, RMIT University

Preliminary Study of the Construction And Development of University Research Parks During the Economy Transition Period in China (PDF 204 Kb)

  • Zhujun Zhang, Beihang University
  • Zemin Niu, Beihang University
  • Fei Xiong, Beihang University

Part 6: Rural Economic Issues and Agri-Business

State Sector Reform in China: Structural Considerations in Agriculture(Ms Word 157 Kb)

  • Scott Waldron, The University of Queensland
  • Colin Brown, The University of Queensland

Food Consumption in Rural China: Preliminary Results from Household Survey Data (PDF 1.62 Mb)

  • Zhang-Yue Zhou, The University of Sydney
  • Yan-Rui Wu, The University of Western Australia
  • Wei-Ming Tian, China Agricultural University

Part 7: Foreign Direct Investment Issues

EU FDI in China: Locational Determinants and its Role in China’s Hinterland (PDF 178 Kb)

  • Bernadette Andreosso - O’Callaghan, University of Limerick
  • Xiaojun Wei, University of Limerick

FDI in China: Institutional Evolution and its Impact on Different Sources (PDF 360 Kb)

  • Chen Jing, Zhejiang University
  • Yuhua Song, Zhejiang University

Infrastructure Investment Location and Western Development (PDF 1.18 Mb)

  • Xubei Luo, The World Bank

Economic Globalization and Foreign Direct Investment in Shanghai (PDF 427 Kb)

  • XIE Kang, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences
  • WANG Shouzhen PhD candidate, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Part 8: Macroeconomic Issues

Government Transfer Payments and Regional Development in China (PDF 538 Kb)

  • Tingsong Jiang, Centre for International Economics
  • Zhiyun Zhao, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Tax Burdens in China(Ms Word 144 Kb)

  • Dashu Wang, Peking University

Part 9: The Labour Market and Social Conflicts

Pursuing Corporate Responsibility in China: Supply Chain Management and Labour Rights (PDF 268 Kb)

  • Serena Lillywhite, Brotherhood of St Laurence, Australia

Re-employment and Government Job Policies in China: The Case of Shanghai (PDF 351 Kb)

  • Lilai Xu, RMIT University
  • Lynne Bennington, La Trobe University

The Role of Economic and Social Factors in Mitigating Attitudes Toward Environmental Management within Western Pacific-Rim Countries (PDF 969 Kb)

  • Lorne Cummings, Macquarie University

Unemployment among the Migrant Population in Chinese Cities: Case Study of Beijing (PDF 535 Kb)

  • Fei Guo, Macquarie University

Part 10: Challenges Facing Industries

Current Issues of China’ (PDF 567 Kb)

  • Wanjun Wei, RMIT University

Internet Economy and Chinese Airline Industry (PDF 663 Kb)

  • Hongwei Jiang, RMIT University
  • Louis Doukas, RMIT University
  • Xiangzhong Liu, Victoria University

Development of Financial Intermediation and Economic Growth: Chinese Experience (PDF 632 Kb)

  • Chen Hao, Université d’Auvergne

Study on the Characteristics, Problems and Countermeasures of Chinese Enterprises Cross-border M&A Strategy (PDF 263 Kb)

  • Bo Xu, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
  • Zhixin Deng, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade
  • Bing Xia, ShenYin & WanGuo Securities Co. Ltd.
  • Qiong Liu, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade

Part 11: Business Operations across Cultures

Guanxi Neglect at the Roaring Dragon in South-West China: The Demise of an International Management Contract (PDF 344 Kb)

  • Stephen Grainger, The University of Western Australia

The Role of Chinese Family Business in Corporate Consulting Area in South East Asia (PDF 241 Kb)

  • Dr Ratna Nilam Muchtar, University of Persada Indonesia

Changing Attitudes to Intellectual Property Rights in China: The Nexus Between Chinese Culture and the Rule of Law (PDF 374 Kb)

  • Michael Berrell, James Cook University
  • Jeff Wrathall, Monash University