Review the published literature

The Library is the best place to start your research.

Investigate possible research methods and methodologies

Resources on research methods include:

To find additional books and articles on research methods in LibrarySearch, try broad search terms like “research method”, “research methodology”, “qualitative research”, “experiential research”, or search for specific methods or techniques, for example “Delphi method”.

Search the published literature

Library subject guides

Library subject guides identify key resources, including recommended library databases, in a wide range of subject areas. Consult these guides if you are not sure where to begin your literature search.

Library databases

Library databases provide focused access to collections of

  • journal articles,
  • conference papers,
  • books and book chapters,
  • reports,
  • newspapers,
  • standards,
  • images,
  • theses,
  • legal resources, and more.

Although some research-level databases are multidisciplinary in coverage, many are subject or format specific. They typically offer better-controlled subject indexing and more sophisticated search features than those available in search engines.

You can also search or browse individual e-journal titles in LibrarySearch.

RMIT Research Repository

The RMIT Research Repository gives you access to research publications produced by RMIT University affiliated authors. RMIT digital theses from June 2006 onwards are included in the Repository.

Google Scholar and LibrarySearch

Multidisciplinary search engines, such as Google Scholar and LibrarySearch, index a wide variety of scholarly resources and can be searched for a broad overview of a topic. They do not cover all of the Library’s resources and you should always check the Library subject guides for additional sources of information.

Google Scholar searches a range of scholarly resources, including journal articles, conference papers, theses, books, pre-prints, abstracts and technical reports. Log in to Google Scholar to maximize your access to RMIT-subscribed full text content.

LibrarySearch covers RMIT University Library’s books and e-books, journals and e-journals, audiovisual resources, RMIT research publications, and the contents of many of the Library’s databases.

Additional help

The Study and Learning Centre provides higher degree by research candidates with advice and tutorials on writing a literature review. Visit the Literature review guide.