Switchboard services

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Switchboard services

The first interaction many external customers have with RMIT University, is through our central switchboard. That’s why it’s important we provide a highly efficient and professional service.

It’s also important students, staff and those conducting research get the phone and directory support they require every day. Because on a big campus, getting through to the right contact when you need to makes all the difference.

Our switchboard services team handle the management of all telephone enquiries to RMIT, call transfers and directory enquiries. They’re the experts at providing contact advice, connecting people and ensuring a smooth communication flow.

They can also help organise any long distance or international calls you need to make. And when it comes to RMIT events, they’re in the know with all the latest information.


Here’s what you get:

  • call transfers and transfer support
  • directory enquiry information
  • facilitation of STD and IDD telephone calls
  • campus enquiry handling
  • information regarding RMIT events
  • support during business hours.

Please note:

New handsets, number requests, general student and staff enquiries, directory updates and organising access to staff member directory lists are outside the scope of this service. For more information, visit our telephony and voicemail page.


Ready to connect with our switchboard?

  • Dial ‘9’ from any internal RMIT phone.
  • Call +61 3 9925 2000 from anywhere outside RMIT University.