Risk register instruction

Instruction statement

This instruction is designed to help School / Department develop their Risk Registers to ensure that all health and safety risks are identified for University or off-campus University-related operations.

Instruction steps and actions

1. Responsibilities

Head of School / Department

  • Ensure compliance with this instruction within their area of authority;
  • Ensure that an up-to-date Risk Register is maintained for their area.

Health, Safety and Wellbeing Team

  • Maintain an Enterprise-wide Health and Safety Risk Register, based on local area registers.

2. Risk register process

2.1. Review the combined data from your past incidents, risk management forms, risk assessment documents and corrective actions register, self-assessment tool, etc to establish broad category risk types.

2.2. Use the Risk register template (XLSX 19KB) to establish a Risk Register.

2.3. Risk Ranking

The ‘Inherit Risk Ranking’ is the multiplication of ‘Consequence’, ‘Exposure’ and ‘Probability’. This represents the level of risk associated with an activity before controls have been implemented to reduce the risk.

2.4. Refer to the Risk assessment template (DOC 368KB, 7p) or the Hierarchy of control instruction for guidance on the ‘matrix risk’ and risk ‘controls’.

2.5. Residual risk score

The residual risk rating represents the level of risk associated with an activity after the controls have been implemented to reduce the risk. It is expected that this score should be lower than the raw risk assessment.

In the case of “low” original risk assessments, the residual risk rating (once controls have been implemented) should also be “low”.

2.6. Review and update your register as new risks are identified and as part of your document review process.

3. Document control

On completion of the register, ensure that the document is controlled. In the footer of the document, include the:

  • “date” when the register was authorised;
  • “version” number of the register
  • position title of the person who “authorised” the register; and
  • “next review date” of the register

The register is normally tabled and ratified at the local OHS committee. It should be authorised by the management representative of the division or department who is responsible for occupational health and safety.

The frequency of the register review date should also be determined by the local OHS committee.

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