Responsibilities in an emergency situation procedure

Property Services

In the event of an emergency situation RMIT activities will be co-ordinated by the most Senior Property Services Officer present as the RMIT Liaison Officer. The RMIT Liaison Officer will communicate with the building warden structure to control the emergency situation and will communication with the appropriate RMIT management representatives. These communication processes are to be developed within, and are the responsibility of Property Services.

Emergency personnel

Emergency personnel will take over control of the emergency situation on arrival to the scene and will be briefed by the RMIT Liaison Officer.

RMIT warden structure

The RMIT warden structure provides for local planning for, and control and communication in, an emergency situation. The warden structure consists of a building warden, deputy building warden, floor wardens and wardens and their responsibilities within an emergency situation are as follows. All staff must follow instructions given by a member of the warden structure in the event of an emergency.

Building Warden

  • At RMIT the Building Warden is selected member of the Emergency Control Organisation
  • Upon notification of an emergency, the building warden will:
  • Ensure the applicable alarm has been activated.
  • Arrange notification of Deputy Building Warden.
  • Go to Emergency Control Point.
  • Co-ordinate evacuation activities by directing Emergency Control Organisation members to assist as required.
  • Make contact with the emergency site via the PA and/or WIP phone.
  • Transmit clear and concise evacuation instructions via the PA.
  • Take steps to ensure no person enters the building until Emergency Services give the ALL CLEAR.
  • Pass on all available information to Emergency Services.

Deputy Building Warden

  • Upon notification of an emergency, the Deputy Building Warden will:
  • Go to Emergency Control Point
  • Assist with evacuation activities
  • Co-ordinate evacuate activities if Building Warden is not in attendance

Floor Warden

  • In an emergency, the floor/ area warden should:
  • Implement the local emergency plan.
  • Direct wardens to search applicable area and pass on instructions to occupants.
  • Evacuate the area under your control, upon hearing the alarm or being instructed by the Building Warden or Emergency Services.
  • Communicate with the Building Warden.


  • In an emergency, wardens should:
  • Search area of responsibility.
  • Direct occupants to fire exits and other protected areas.
  • Assist the disabled.
  • Communicate with the Floor warden.

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