Parking allocation procedure


Intent and objectives

To detail arrangements for annual parking in reserved bays and for the use of non-reserved parking bays.


Parking Arrangements – City, Bundoora and Brunswick campuses.


Emergency vehicles.
College of Business staff at Building 108.

Procedure steps and actions:

Annual parking – City, Bundoora and Brunswick

Portfolios / Colleges are required by the end of each year to advise Property Services of their annual parking requirements for the following year. Allocations are made in accordance with the eligibility criteria detailed in the Parking Policy.

Executives salary package their own parking costs with a fortnightly deduction from their pay. For Executives with a City bay, costs include the annual State Congestion Levy. All costs are recovered from the users’ nominated Internal Order Number via an annual journal transaction. Property Services remits the Congestion Levy to the State Revenue Office.

Executives who are assigned a reserved bay at both the City campus and at a non-City campus pay only the costs for the City bay. They are issued with two permits - one for each of their bays.

External RMIT Councillors are provided with parking free of charge but not with exclusive access to a specified reserved bay. They are issued with an unnumbered permit and an access card which includes access to the B10.3 carpark. The Chancellor is provided with a specified parking bay on the City Campus at no charge.

RMIT owned Pool vehicles are parked at no charge and consequently do not attract the State Congestion Levy.

Parking documentation, including the necessary windscreen permit is issued only to eligible users, as advised by Portfolios / Colleges. A Parking Registration form is provided to each authorised parker to be completed and returned to Property Services.

Daily parking – Brunswick and Bundoora

Staff, students, contractors and other motorists can, at their own expense, purchase a daily permit, an annual permit or, after 30 June each year, a half-yearly permit and park in the general/public carparks but not in the reserved bays.

There are no refunds on annual/half-yearly permits.

There is no non-reserved parking on the City Campus.

Temporary parking - City

A number of short term parking bays are available in the Building 10 tunnel adjacent to the Security Office. These are allocated by Security in very limited circumstances for such activities as filling vending machines, dropping off bulk print work or dropping off/picking up large or heavy items. A temporary parking permit from Security must be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle.

Vehicles granted a temporary parking permit for these activities must arrange to park their vehicle off campus as soon as the drop off / pick-up has been completed and must not stay there any longer than necessary or longer than the allocated time (usually 20 minutes).

Visitor parking - City

Visitor parking on the City Campus is also available in the Building 10 tunnel but in very limited circumstances and must not be offered except to VIPs.

Limited parking is available on campus for Disabled visitors. Requests for access by disabled visitors are assessed by Security on a case-by-case basis and depend on the availability of suitable bays. Users must display a temporary permit available from Security.

Portfolios who agree to provide sponsored parking for visitors should approach the commercial car park operator of the Building 91 car park on Cardigan Street.

Staff from a non-City Campus can park in B51 – see separate “Parking for Staff Visiting City Campus” Procedure.

Contractor parking - City

There is no parking available on the City Campus for Contractors except for building contractors parking within a defined site, which has been given over to a head contractor as part of an approved tender process.

Contractors who need access to the City Campus to drop off/pick up heavy or fragile items of equipment/materials can approach Security for temporary access but not parking. There is no parking provision on the City Campus for contractors, except as outlined above, and contractor vehicles must be parked off campus immediately after the drop off/pick up has been completed.

Temporary/visitor/contractor parking – other campuses

Space is at less of a premium at non City Campuses and temporary parking and parking for Visitors and Contractors can usually be arranged by contacting the Security Point upon entry to the Bundoora Campus or via the Property Services representative at the Brunswick Campus.

Motorbike parking - City

A limited number of specific bays for motor-bikes/scooters are available for use by RMIT students and staff in the B51 parking garage. An annual permit is required but this does not guarantee the permit holder a bay and does not constitute exclusive use of a bay. Motorbike parking is currently at no charge.

Bicycle parking - City

Bike parking on the City Campus is located in the B51.1 garage within a security cage. The City of Melbourne has also placed a Bike Users’ Shower Pod in B51. Access to the cage through the electronic door of the cage can be programmed to individual RMIT proximity cards. This requires users to complete a Security Access Card Request form which can be downloaded from the web @

There are also a number of bike racks on/close to the City Campus.

Bikes must not be taken into buildings.

Use of the Bicycle Security cage is currently at no charge.

The use of strong bike locks (such as the D-Lock) is recommended even for bikes stored within the Bike Cage.

Disabled parking - city

If Disabled staff or students (including those temporarily disabled due to injury or illness) need to drive to work/study in the City and park nearby, they are required to apply on-line for a Disabled city access permit from the City of Melbourne's webpage links:

This permit provides the flexibility of parking on the street close to the user’s specific work/study location.

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