Case studies: Health Science - Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

The new elective, Soft Tissue Rehabilitation, will be offered for the first time in semester two, 2011. At the time of writing, student enrolments have already been strong. This elective is a joint venture between the School of Health Science and the School of Life and Physical Sciences. Osteopath and Alternative Medicine students undertaking this elective will qualify for an integrated award of Certificate IV in Remedial Massage. Students from Medical Sciences may also enrol.

The course is practical in nature, with students having to complete 20 hours clinical work under supervision. It is anticipated that the skills gained in this elective will complement the students’ knowledge gained in their HE degree and train them in a wider range of soft tissue skills, this enhancing their employability. Students must demonstrate the ability to conduct a holistic client health assessment including the ability to work within a massage framework, the ability to perform a health assessment, assess client needs, to help plan a treatment and to provide a treatment using a range of different techniques and strategies specific to client needs over time.

The healthcare sector is rapidly expanding and government predictions indicate increases in the need for skilled therapists with flexible qualifications in the treatment and management of soft tissue rehabilitation. It is anticipated that this elective will thus also be attractive to industry healthcare professionals who wish to attain skills in soft tissue rehabilitation and initial interest from professional practitioners on a fee-for-service basis has already been significant.


In 2011, this elective will be further developed and a second consecutive elective offered so that alternative medicine students completing both electives may qualify for a Diploma of Myotherapy using credit transfer for courses undertaken in their degree.