Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship

For further information about Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship contact the relevant staff below.

RMIT researchers (including staff and graduate researchers) can apply to the RMIT Research Translation Seed Fund for financial assistance and support to enable them to translate their research into real world, economic, social and environmental outcomes.

Professor Min Gu

Associate DVC Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tel: (03) 9925 4963

Riaan (Johannes) Lourens

Senior Manager, Initiatives

Tel: (03) 9925 4020

Emma James

Executive Assistant to Associate DVC Research Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tel: (03) 9925 4963

Rosy Calabro

Administrative Coordinator

Tel: (03) 9925 3586

Professor Swee Mak

Director, Strategic Innovation and Innovation

Tel: (03) 9925 4161

Dr Elizabeth Jazwinska

Director, Research Engagement and Business Development

Tel: (03) 9925 4403

Fiona Madden

Senior Advisor, Research Initiatives

Tel: (03) 9925 3135

Clare Russell

Senior Advisor, Research Initiatives

Tel: (03) 9925 2108

Kate Bennett

Senior Advisor, Sustainability Research Development

Tel: (03) 9925 0474

Robert Ellul

Project Officer

Tel: (03) 9925 8335

Dr Ken Van Langenberg

Sector Manager. Advanced Materials and Micro-Nano Technologies

Tel: (03) 9925 3629

Kavitha Chandra-Shekeran

Sector Manager, Business, Design and Urban Living

Tel: (03) 9925 4658

Quin Chang

Sector Manager, Engineering, Aerospace and Defence

Tel: (03) 9925 4064

Rebecca Shepherd

Sector Manager, Health, Biomedical and ICT

Tel: (03) 9925 4060

Damien Thomas

Director, Research Translation

Tel: (03) 9925 2928

Amy Hunter

Associate Director, Intellectual Property and Research Commercialisation

Tel: (03) 9925 8362

Carla Cher

Intellectual Property Manager and Senior Coordinator, Intellectual Property and Commercialisation

Tel: (03) 9925 2935

Dr Reza Mohammed

Senior Coordinator, Research Development

Tel: (03) 9925 1129

Dr Friederike Fehr

Technical Market Research Analyst

Tel: (03) 9925 1196

For enquiries about a wider range of business development opportunities for industry and government contact the RMIT Industry Engagement team.