Approved Suppliers

To enable RMIT to effectively manage expenditure on goods and services, SS&P has developed a range of commercial relationships through a competitive tender process. RMIT’s Approved Suppliers are listed below:

Advertising, Marketing and Design

RMIT staff can access professional creative and media assistance for all advertising and marketing requests including design agencies.

Please contact the friendly team at RMIT Marketing and Communications.

For more information go to RMIT’s advertising procedure.

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Banking – corporate and general

Supplier: Commonwealth Bank.

This service is managed by Financial Services.

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Catering and Events

The procurement team with the support of RMIT Marketing and Communications have developed a panel of professional catering and events providers for your use.

Go to RMIT Catering

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Computer software

A diverse range of software managed by ITS. To see the software list please go to the Get IT online computer shop.

Go to Get IT

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Computers – desktop/laptop

Desktop and laptop computer is managed by ITS. To see the catalogue please go to the Get IT online computer shop.

Go to Get IT

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Conference facilities

Supplier: Various

RMIT has negotiated rates via our travel management company suppliers available at RMIT Travel

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Supplier: Counselling Appraisal Consultants (CAC).

The service is managed by Human Resources.

For more information on the Employee Assistance Program go to EAP.

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Executive Coaching

Supplier: Panel Arrangement

RMIT has appointed a number of suppliers of Executive Coaching for approximately 400 RMIT University Executive and Senior Leaders .

During the tender process, a large number of providers were assessed and evaluated by a panel of key stakeholders from across the University.

  • Brash Consulting
  • Executive Central
  • Lee Hecht Harrison
  • Paterson and Paterson Consulting
  • The Leadership Sphere
  • Illumined Enterprise
  • Insight Leadership Coaching
  • Kaleidoscope Human Resource Consulting
  • Magenta Edge
  • Path Creation
  • Changeworks
  • FIRE UP Coaching
  • Focused Future
  • Igniting Potential
  • Lessons for Life
  • Life and Business Leadership Institute
  • Mind Your Way
  • Synergy Global
  • Vanston Consulting

Please note: The use of other executive coaching services is subject to approval from RMIT's Organisational Development Change Department in Human Resources.

For more information Executive Coaching services including fees and the coaching go to: Executive Coaching

If you have any questions in relation to the engagement of an Executive Coach contact HR Assist or phone: + 61 3 9925 0600.

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Furniture – General Supply

Supplier: Staples Australia Pty Ltd

  • For general furniture purchases e.g. office chairs use the Request For Quotation from Staples in the Procure to Pay system.
  • Where OHS considerations require particular furniture, please contact your local Human Resources Manager for advice. The ‘cut off’ for operational expenditure of approved office furniture is $5K. Furniture purchases relating to a campus development project must form part of the capital project and is managed by Property Services. Please contact your Client Relations Manager for further assistance.
  • For disposal of old furniture please contact the Property Services Service Desk. Returned items will be assessed for re-use and recycling.

For alternative suppliers refer to the Procurement policy process.

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Graduation services

Venue Supplier: Etihad Stadium

Event Management Supplier: Production Place

Associated Services Suppliers:

  • Reed Graduation Services
  • R&J Framing
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Image Centre

Supplier: Lab X.

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Industrial Gases

Supplier: BOC Limited

RMIT’s General Supply Agreement as the governing contract for the following requirements:

  • Compressed Gases
  • Bulk Gas
  • Gas Regulators

The agreement includes free delivery, loading and unloading to both City and Bundoora campuses.

Go to P2P.

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Supplier: Willis Risk Services (General Insurance).

RMIT has insurance coverage for two key areas.

  1. General Insurance coverage for RMIT is managed by Internal Audit and Risk Management.
  2. Workcover Compensation insurance is managed by Human Resources.

Useful links for further insurance information:

  • Internal audit and risk management - Insurance
  • Corporate travel insurance policy
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Laboratory Consumables – General Supply

Supplier: Various

RMIT has negotiated prices across the following approved suppliers:

  • Bio-Rad Laboratories
  • Chem-Supply
  • Henry Schien
  • Interpath Services - Clinical Pathology
  • Life Science Research Technologies (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  • Livingstone International
  • McFarlane Medical & Scientific
  • Merck Millipore (Sigma Aldrich acquisition)
  • Perkin Elmer Instruments
  • Qiagen
  • Rowe Scientific
  • Science Supply Australia
  • Thermofisher Scientific Aus
  • VWR International

For general laboratory consumables and supply, the following applies:

  • It is limited to an annual value less than $150k.
  • It is only used for low risk consumable items.
  • It is limited to low value goods.
  • The individual value of the good must not exceed $5000. (This is consistent with the proposed new PO threshold).

For the use of alternative suppliers refer to the Procurement policy process.

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Mail services

Supplier: Converga

RMIT’s Mailroom is located in Building 66 at a new purpose-built facility on the corner of Orr and Earl Street in Carlton.

For more information go to Property Services.

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Market Research

Suppliers: Panel Arrangement

RMIT has appointed a number of suppliers for market research services for Australia and/or broader geographic regions:

  • Colmar Brunton
  • DBM Consultants
  • Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
  • EY Sweeney
  • KPMG Australia
  • Impact International (aka) ‘Luma Research’
  • ORC International
  • NOUS Group
  • TH?NK Global Research
  • Taylor Nelson Sofres Australia

Please note: The use of other market research service providers is subject to approval from RMIT's Engagement & Vocational Education - Marketing Unit .

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Mechanical, Electrical, Hydraulic and Fire Assets (MEHF) services maintenance

MEHF services at RMIT are managed by Property Services.

Queries relating to issues on these services can be directed to your Client Relations Manager.

For faults please contact the Property Services Service Desk.

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Supplier: RMIT Store

Go to: Campus Store.

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Office Supplies

Supplier: Staples Australia Pty Ltd.

RMIT’s online ordering system for the purchase of office supplies, and departments/cost centres approve authorised users of this system.

Go to P2P.

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Print & Distribution Services

For all Print Services including Direct Mail, Offset, Creative and Ad-Hoc Print and Corporate and Creative printing go to RMIT Print Services

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Probity auditors

RMIT has developed guidelines on probity to support RMIT’s Procurement policy process. For more information go to Delegations of Authority.

General probity advice is provided by Strategic Sourcing & Procurement. Probity Auditors may be engaged where Strategic Sourcing & Procurement has conducted a risk assessment on the procurement and determined that the engagement of a probity auditor is appropriate in discussions with the business owner.

All probity auditor engagements are conducted by Strategic Sourcing & Procurement on behalf of the business owner in line with the RMIT’s Procurement policy process.

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Recruitment - staffing services

RMIT has appointed a panel of 12 recruitment agencies for the supply of permanent, contract and temporary labour:

  • Adecco (including Ajilon)
  • Hays Specialist Recruitment
  • Randstad
  • Michael Page
  • Six Degrees
  • Morgan Consulting
  • HR Partners (HR specialists)
  • Judd Farris (Property specialists)
  • Clicks Recruit (IT specialists)
  • Paxus Australia (IT specialists)
  • Talent International (IT specialists)
  • Speller International (SAP specialists)

Please note: the use of other recruitment suppliers is subject to prior approval from the Senior Manager, Recruitment.

For further information, including rates go to: Preferred Recruitment Suppliers

If you have any questions in relation to the Recruitment Panel please contact HR Senior Advisor, Recruitment, Neil Baron:

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Supplier: Allied Pickfords

Property Services manages RMIT’s onsite removals contract with Allied Pickfords

Queries relating to removals can be directed to your Client Relations Manager or directed to the Property Services Service Desk.

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Rental cars

Supplier: Hertz

RMIT has a corporate arrangement with Hertz Car Rentals. To book a car with Hertz, please use the Corporate Code below when making your reservation.

  • Corporate Code: 1691556

RMIT has also negotiated a leisure rate for staff when making personal bookings. To access RMIT’s rates, please provide the Leisure Code below when booking with Hertz Car Rentals.

  • Leisure Code: 1806370

If you have any further questions regarding Travel, please email

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Supplier: Telstra.

RMIT’s telephony services are managed by Information Technology Services.

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Travel management

RMIT travelers can choose from two expert travel management companies (TMCs) to assist in planning and booking travel.

Travel Management Companies (TMCs) support you by delivering exceptional customer service and travel advice and tailor itineraries to unique budget and duration requirements.

To access RMIT’s negotiated rates with a variety of airline, hotel and car hire partners, contact a TMC. When satisfied with the itinerary & quotation provided, simply use this for your approval requisition via the RMIT Travel Portal (RTP).

For all travel information including access to the Travel Portal, policies and procedures, go to: RMIT Travel

If you have further questions, please email:

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Vehicle novated leasing

Supplier: nlc

For more information on vehicle novated leasing arrangements for eligible employees of RMIT, please contact

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