04 March 2016

Simplicity News: Simplicity knows IT

Simplicity. Delivering faster IT enhancements.

ITS enhancement projects under $100,000 get simple.

IT enhancements under $100,000 have been treated as Projects, and simple improvements delayed due to unnecessary governance, until now.

Simplicity have teamed up with ITS to build a process stream designed to deliver IT enhancements quickly, flexibly and effectively.

Staff helped identify the need: unnecessary delays were caused by treating all enhancement work as Projects, which in IT means a higher level of governance.

Simplicity and ITS have been collaborating in order to build a clear process, which enables streamline delivery for enhancements capable of a 60 day delivery turnaround.

ITS aim to deliver excellent experiences, for all students and staff. At the core of this goal is a well designed internal structure of supporting processes.”

— Claire Homsey, Senior Business Performance Improvement (BPI) Analyst.

The improvements include process transparency, ownership, agreed prioritisation, and appropriate financial delegation, all of which help to improve RMIT’s IT service and performance.