Changes to grades

Learn the process for making changes to student grades.

From 30 June 2017, you can use the online changes to grades functionality to change grades after the results publication date for the relevant teaching period.

Access changes to grades functionality

Course coordinators and school/college academic services teams have access to the online changes to grades functionality.

Read the Changes to Grades User Guide to understand how it works.

How to request access

Please complete the SAMS access request form and submit it to your college/school Academic Services team.

Note: when completing the form, under College role, ask to have ‘Results’ access added.

Responsibilities by role

Course coordinators

Course coordinators can initiate changes from:

  • interim grades to final grades or
  • from one final grade to a different final grade or
  • from a blank result to a final grade.

You must attach evidence of the reason for the change.

Academic Services teams

Academic Services teams review changes to grades on behalf of the relevant Course Assessment Committee chair.

Academic Services teams can also initiate the above types of change on behalf of the course coordinator, and notify the course coordinator of the change.

Course Assessment Committees

Course Assessment Committees are responsible for monitoring all changes to grades in the course made after any relevant results publication date.

Assessment Support team

The Assessment Support team in the Academic Registrar’s Group:

  • monitors and audits changes to grades, and
  • provides advice on the changes to grades process.

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