RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

33. Superannuation


The University will make RMIT superannuation contribution to Unisuper:

(a) for employees who are employed for less than 12 months: 9.25% or other minimum amount specified by legislation, whichever is the greater amount;

(b) for employees who are employed on a continuing basis or fixed term contract of 12 months or more: 17%;

(c) for employees employed on consecutive fixed term contracts that equal or exceed 12 months: 17% from the start of the 13th month of employment.

These employer superannuation contribution payments will be made to the relevant plan as advised by Unisuper.


The University will make deductions from an employee’s salary for superannuation to Unisuper at a rate of 7% (post tax) until advised by the employee of an alternative deduction as offered by the superannuation fund to which they are contributing.


Notwithstanding clause 33.1, the University will continue the existing arrangements and apply the applicable rate of employer contributions for existing members of the State Superannuation Fund (New and Revised) or any other fund.


The University may exercise its options under the Deed of Covenant for the 5% flexibility in coverage and contribution level for Heads of School and performance based contract employees as defined in clause 14. Such an option will be subject to agreement between the University and the employee.


Ordinary time earnings means the rate of salary in this Agreement for the employee’s classification and any other payment that is superannuable in accordance with relevant legislation and Australian Taxation Office rulings.


Superannuation will be paid in accordance with the provisions of the Superannuation Guarantee Legislation (or any successor legislation).


Contributions are to be made when employees are on paid leave or on workers compensation and in receipt of make up pay.

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