Using software as part of PhD

Peter is a PhD student who has gained permission to redevelopment & use Phone-academia, a content management software program. As part of Peter’s PhD, Peter has gained permission from the software vendor to create a new online educational content management system from Phone-academic. Peter has adapted and modified Phone-academia to develop his new system.


As part of the PhD process, Peter is required to submit to the RMIT Research Repository & the RMIT Library a final archival copy of his thesis that includes aspects of Phone-academia. The RMIT Library submission will include a CD-ROM that contains the program Phone-academic.

The permission granted to Peter by Phone-academia clearly states:

“.......give permission to use and translate the content of the modules of its online Java course for the purpose of his research project. The copyrights of the .....program are not affected by this permission, which also excludes multiple use of any commercial usage of the materials by Peter or third parties”

In order to satisfy RMIT’s submission requirements whilst still remaining compliant under the terms of the licence granted to Peter, Peter is able to provide the RMIT Library with a copy of the thesis and the CD. Peter must ensure that access to the CD is restricted and includes a warning notice that details the licence granted to Peter for the use of the software and content. By including a warning notice detailing the licence requirements, Peter is ensuring that any user who accesses the CD from within the RMIT Library restricted access area clearly understand the terms of the licence granted to Peter. As the submission is a requirement of Peter’s assessment the submission is covered under the research purposes aspect of the licence approval.

Due to the restrictions imposed under the licence Peter has decided to upload this thesis to the RMIT Research Repository with the software images and content used under the licence removed from the thesis. By doing this Peter has removed any liability under the licence agreement he has in place with the software provider.