Past examination papers FAQ

This information is for staff. Are you a student looking for copies of past exams?

Should I send all of my past exam papers to the Library?

You are not required to send all past exam papers to the Library; you can send any copy you choose from the past five years, or you may withhold them from the Library collection if you prefer.

How many copies of past exams may I provide the Library with?

We only require one copy. It will be either scanned and added to eReserve collection, or made available in the Reserve hard copy collection.

Can I send an electronic copy?

Yes, you can submit your request by internal mail, or in person at your preferred Library site. You can also email an electronic copy to the appropriate Library site at:

Should I send my originals?

All original exam papers should be submitted to RMIT Archives. This is to assist in complying with Public Record Office Standard PROS 02/01.

Will all of the exams I provide be available electronically?

It depends. If content of your exam papers is owned entirely by RMIT, they can be made available in the eReserve collection in the Learning Repository. If your exam papers include content that doesn’t belong to RMIT, it will be placed in Reserve collection as a hard copy only. Under Part VB of the Copyright Act 1968, certain limits are imposed on how much of a copyright work can be copied and made available online. This applies to the content in past exam papers.

When should I provide them to the Library?

Please send them to us as soon as possible, but preferably at least eight weeks before the exam period.

When will the past exam papers I submit be available for my students to access?

Past exam papers should be available before the pre exam study time of the current semester.

Who can access the past exam papers?

Only current RMIT student/staff can access the past exam papers in the Library collection.