Making a nomination for the award of an Honorary Degree

1. Criteria for Award

(a) RMIT recognises extraordinary achievement and honours individuals whose accomplishments align with the University’s values and provide inspiration and leadership to graduates of the University.

Approved criteria for award of an honorary degree are one or more of the following:

  • Service to the University;
  • Academic and scholarly distinction;
  • Distinguished contribution to community or education;
  • Public service;
  • Service to arts, science, engineering, business, design and health;
  • Exceptional contribution to education and culture; or
  • Exceptionally innovative and socially responsible business developments.

(b) The nominee for an award of an Honorary Degree would be expected to have gained either national or international standing and impact that have been widely recognised as such by others working in the field.

2. Nomination

(a) The University has approved for conferral, the following honorary degrees:

  • Doctor of Arts;
  • Doctor of Business;
  • Doctor of Communication;
  • Doctor of Design;
  • Doctor of Engineering;
  • Doctor of Law;
  • Doctor of Science; and
  • Doctor of Social Science.

(b) The Vice-Chancellor will annually call for honorary award nominations from staff and Council members.

(c) Nominations should meet the honorary degree criteria and be aligned with the University’s mission, aims and ideals.

(d) Nominations for serving members of the RMIT Council or staff are not normally eligible for consideration until 2 years following their retirement or departure from the University.

(e) Honorary degrees are not generally appropriate for recognising staff or student contributions to the University. However, award might be made if the staff or student has made distinguished contributions in line with the approved criteria outside of their work or study at the University.

(f) All nominations must be completed using the approved nominations form and supported by a member of the Vice Chancellor’s Executive or a member of the RMIT Council. Nominations must be endorsed by the Director of the Ngarara Willim Centre where the nominee is a member of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

3. Submission

(a) Honorary degree nominations shall be submitted at first instance to the University Secretary who will submit received nominations to the Nominations and Remuneration Committee for consideration.

(b) Nominators should ensure that their nomination packages provide reasons for the nominations that are as complete as possible.

(c) Nominations submitted to the University must be held in strict confidence. Names will only be made public in respect of nominees who are offered and who accept a degree following Council’s acceptance of a recommendation for a conferral of an honorary degree.

(d) The Nominations and Remuneration Committee may at its discretion request the names of referees who can attest to the standard and contribution of the nominee based on the honorary degree criteria for at least (5) years. Nominators MUST NOT contact referees in relation to the nomination.


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