Category D – Awards for a Transformative Student Experience


This category recognises teaching support programs and services that contribute to the quality of student learning and student experiences at RMIT University.

Value of the award

Subcategories D1, D2, D3 and D4 will each be awarded a grant of $3000.

As part of recognising contributions to the University’s strategic directions: Subcategory D5 Indigenous Education will be awarded a grant of $5000. Subcategory D6 Transformative Student Experience (Program Team ensuring Program Quality incorporating online/blended excellence) will be awarded a grant of $10,000.

Award funding can be used by the recipient/s to:

  • advance the career/s of the recipient/s.
  • provide additional resources to support their teaching or activities related to the award.
  • assist the individual/team to disseminate and embed good practice in learning and teaching.

Award monies must be spent within the year the funds are allocated and cannot be rolled over into the future years i.e. a November 2016 award will be allocated money in 2017 and must be expended in 2017.


D1 Widening Participation
Encompassing approaches to learning and teaching which enhance student access, widen participation, and support progression.

D2 Educational Partnerships and Collaborations with Other Organisations
Encompassing partnerships between universities or between universities and other organisations – such as schools, professional bodies businesses and industries.

D3 The First Year Experience
Encompassing the academic and social transition to higher education.

D4 Services Supporting Student Learning
Encompassing services directly related to student learning such as services for specific groups of students, information access, course advising, language and learning support, counselling and disability support.

D5 Indigenous Education
Encompassing programs where there is evidence that the staff member or team have demonstrated particularly inclusive and culturally sensitive approaches to Indigenous education and/or to the provision of programs that offer targeted learning support. This is not exclusive to teaching courses or programs about Indigenous Studies, but encompasses any teaching and learning circumstance where Indigenous education issues need to be considered and addressed, and Indigenous perspectives are actively included in the teaching and learning experience or in the design and delivery of a learning support program.

D6 – Transformative Student Experience (Program Team ensuring Program Quality incorporating online/blended excellence)
Encompassing teaching program quality that directly incorporates online/blended excellence that has been developed by the program team.


This category is open to both Higher Education and Vocational Education staff of RMIT University.

Nomination for this category is open to all programs and services that enhance student learning at RMIT. It is intended that programs span more than one or two courses or are more than a limited service that involves only a few students. For example, programs may involve a service or program provided at the institutional, college or school level, a program of study across a year or number of years, or a service or program directed at particular groups of students.

Once nominated, you may apply as an individual in only one category/subcategory per year. You may apply as a member of a team application in more than one category/subcategory per year. You can nominate for one of the subcategories only.

Selection criteria

Nominees are required to respond to all four selection criteria, each of which will be given equal consideration by the selection panel:

  1. Distinctiveness, coherence and clarity of purpose
    Extent to which the program has clear objectives and systematic approaches to coordination, implementation and evaluation.
  2. Influence on student learning and student engagement
    Extent to which the program targets identified needs and directly or indirectly enhances student learning, student engagement and/or the overall student experience.
  3. Breadth of impact
    Extent to which the program has led to widespread benefits for students, staff, RMIT University, and/or other institutions, consistent with the purpose of the program.
  4. Concern for equity and diversity
    Extent to which the program promotes and supports equity and inclusiveness by improving access, participation and outcomes for diverse student groups.


Applications must consist of:

  • RMIT Teaching Awards cover sheet (DOC 92 KB)
  • Six page written statement
  • Up to two of the following:
    • Up to four pages of supporting evidence
    • One web site title and URL clearly printed on a single A4 page
    • One video, either provided on CD-ROM or DVD (note – 10 labelled copies required and delivered to your college coordinator) or title and URL clearly printed on a single A4 page.
  • References
    • One reference must be from the Head of School or unit. Under certain circumstances the applicant’s line manager can be used instead of the Head of School/unit. Where the program is implemented across a number of schools/units, it is the decision of the applicant(s) as to the most appropriate Head of School/unit to prepare the reference.
    • One other professional reference from a peer internal or external to RMIT University, but not a current student.

For any enquiries, please contact your college teaching awards coordinator.

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