RMIT University Academic and Professional Staff Enterprise Agreement 2014

67. Shiftwork


For the purposes of this clause-

"Day Shift" means any shift starting at or after 6.00 am but before 8.00 am and finishing on or before 6.00 pm.

"Afternoon Shift" means any shift finishing after 6.00 pm and at or before midnight.

"Night Shift" means any shift finishing after midnight and at or before 8.00 am.

"Ordinary Shift" means any shift on which a shift worker is rostered for duty within the ordinary working hours of the employee and according to the relevant roster cycle.

"Overtime Shift" means any shift worked by a shift worker in excess of five shifts per week

"Relevant Roster Cycle" means a sequence of shifts in a roster to be normally worked by an employee in the ordinary working hours of the employee and arranged so as to form a recurring cycle of 5 days on shift and 2 days off per week.

"Rostered Shift" will have the same meaning as "Shift".

"Shift" means a continuous period of work during which a shift worker is rostered for duty.

"Week" means a period of seven consecutive days calculated from the commencement of the relevant roster cycle.


Except as provided in clause 67.3 below, an employee engaged on an afternoon or night shift will for any ordinary hours worked on Monday to Friday inclusive be paid base rate plus 15%.


An employee required to work an ordinary shift on a Saturday, a Sunday or a Holiday will be paid base rate plus:

(a) on a Saturday: 50%

(b) on a Sunday: 100%

(c) on a Holiday: 150%.


An employee whose rostered day off falls on a holiday will be granted one day's leave in lieu of such a holiday.


An employee who without 72 hours notice is:

(a) transferred from day work to shift work; or

(b) transferred from one shift roster to another shift roster; or

(c) transferred to an unrostered shift; or

(d) transferred to another shift within the roster;

will be paid an additional allowance of 50% of the base rate of pay of the employee for any day, afternoon or night shift to which the employee is so transferred and which occurs before the expiry of 72 hours notice of the transfer provided that the allowance will be payable only to an employee in receipt of an allowance under clause 67.2 above. In such case the allowance provided under this sub clause will be payable in lieu of the allowance provided under clause 67.2 above.


Shift rosters will normally be arranged in either of the following formats:

(a) weekly rotation; or

(b) permanent afternoons.

Staff may be rostered on to permanent afternoon shiftwork either on commencement of employment or by mutual written agreement.

Roster patterns may be changed only if mutually agreed in writing.


With the written agreement of an employee and the University, the University may alter an employee’s normal hours of work for the employee to work afternoon shifts with the relevant shift penalty allowance.

67.8 Additional Leave for Seven-Day Shift Workers


An employee whose ordinary hours of duty are performed over seven days a week including Sundays and holidays will, in addition to the normal leave entitlement of the employee, be granted additional annual leave as follows:

(a) where the rostered time of ordinary duty of the employee includes at least 10 Sundays during the period of annual leave accrual of the employee: an additional five days; or

(b) where the rostered time of ordinary duty of the employee includes less than 10 Sundays during the period of annual leave accrual of the employee additional leave at the rate of half a day in respect of each Sunday so rostered.


The additional annual leave prescribed by clause 67.8.1 above, will be exclusive of non working days and holidays.

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