TAFE Cross-industry programs (Appendix D to Service teaching policy)

This Appendix describes arrangements for the management and quality assurance of TAFE qualifications and skills sets which enable multiple points of training delivery where this is deemed appropriate to the needs of different client groups. The AQTF requires that all trainers and assessors have appropriate current industry experience/expertise and discipline expertise. Disciplinary expertise is recognized as a broad framework of knowledge and skill which is contextualized to address different industry needs.

The following principles shall apply:

1. Qualifications/skill sets with cross industry application may be delivered by more than one school in response to industry needs and client demand. Delivery schools will be determined primarily on the basis of relevant industry expertise.

2. A coordinated approach to quality assurance will be implemented based on the notion of a ‘home’ program team which takes on responsibility for managing quality arrangements and ensuring that marketing messages appropriately promote both coordination and industry customisation.

3. Qualifications/skill sets approved for multiple school delivery will be determined by the Director TAFE, in consultation with stakeholders, and advised to the VET Committee.

4. Responsibility for quality assurance for qualifications/skill sets will be allocated to a home program team on the basis of cognate disciplinary expertise, determined by the Director TAFE on a case-by-case basis in consultation with stakeholders.

The following qualifications have been identified and approved by the Director TAFE, in consultation with stakeholders, for multiple school delivery:

  • Certificate IV in Frontline Management (FMI)  Home School - Business TAFE
  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAA)  Home School - Education
  • Certificate IV in Competitive Manufacturing (CMI)  Home School - Engineering (TAFE)

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