10 October 2013

We’ve got medals!

Australian University Games 2013

Clockwise: (1) Paul van der Ploeg; (2) Stephanie Chiocci, Madeleine Goodman, Lauren Bazzale, Charlotte Dillon, Kristin Stensholt (left to right); (3) William Morrell; (4) Richard Tran

The Australian University Games were presented with the highly competitive and fearless Redbacks, scoring gold for the third consecutive year in Ten Pin Bowling and Women’s AFL. Our team also achieved silver in Women’s Athletics, Mixed Beach Volleyball and Men’s Golf. The great effort and teamwork saw the Redbacks placed seventh overall with the University of Melbourne, Monash University and University of Sydney winning the first three places respectively.

In an intense week of competition in the Gold Coast, the Women’s AFL team won their third consecutive Australian University Games title. They defeated Monash University in the grand final by 82 points. Lauren Brazzale set the game alight with seven first-half goals, which essentially had the game over at the break. Captain Stephanie Chiocci continued, as she had done in all tournaments, to pick up endless effective possessions in the centre of the ground. Meanwhile, Charlotte Dillon controlled the half backline, ensuring the ball stayed in the Redbacks’ forward-half for most of the match. The girls had tremendous support from other RMIT teams gathering on the sidelines. Five of our team members won the Green and Gold medals – Stephanie Chiocci, Lauren Brazzale, Madeleine Goodman, Charlotte Dillon and Kristin Stensholt.

The Ten Pin Bowling team was also going for three consecutive titles. The task was made all the more difficult with the retirement of Paul White, Australia’s representative in the Asian Youth Tenpin Bowling. Our team knew they had a challenge ahead of them after tasting their first defeat by Monash University in the pool rounds. Our proud team was not going down without a fight and managed to turn the tables on Monash in the grand final by scoring three to two. Two of our bowlers, Matthew Lamont and Richard Tran, dominated the tournament and won the Green and Gold medals. Congratulations to team manager Heleen van Ieperen who brilliantly united the team and played a critical role in their success.

The Mixed Beach Volleyball team took out the Division One silver medal in a gallant attempt to go back to back. The team played with an extra female team member – supposedly a major disadvantage – which in the end did not prove to be the case. It was a fine display of girl power!

Our Men’s Golf team also took out the Division One silver medal. The squad was right in the hunt for gold until the very end, with local Bond University’s team using their knowledge to advantage on the blustery third day at the Colonial Golf Course.

Paul van der Ploeg took gold in Cycling in spectacular fashion. Among the leading two groups, there were six riders that turned the final bend for the mad dash to the finish line. Paul out-sprinted his rivals for a memorable win with the highly-fancied University of Sydney’s representative and winner-of-the-road-race Alexander Wong placed second.

Breanna Walker took out the gold in the 400m Hurdles in a stunning display of athleticism, stopping the clock at 61.73. It was RMIT’s first gold at the track since 2009, proving just how hard this number to win.

Congratulations to all the athletes who relentlessly pushed their boundaries achieving success and making a difference at the Uni Games, Australia’s largest multi-sport event.

Final overall standing:

1st: Melbourne University – 10 gold, 9 silver, 3 bronze

2nd: Monash University – 8 gold, 13 silver, 7 bronze

3rd: University of Sydney – 7 gold, 6 silver, 7 bronze

4th: University of Technology Sydney – 6 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze

5th: University of New South Wales – 4 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze

6th: University of Western Australia – 4 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze

7th: RMIT University – 2 gold , 3 silver, 0 bronze

8th: Queensland University of Technology – 2 gold, 2 silver, 2 bronze

9th: Bond University – 2 gold, 0 silver, 1 bronze

10th: Macquarie University – 1 gold, 0 silver,1 bronze

RMIT Green and Gold Medallists 2013:

•Jesse Baird (Men’s AFL)

•Lauren Brazzale (Women’s AFL)

•Madeleine Goodman (Women’s AFL)

•Charlotte Dillon (Women’s AFL)

•Kristin Stensholt (Women’s AFL)

•Stephanie Chiocci (Women’s AFL)

•Hu-wen Chew (Men’s Badminton)

•Victoria Na (Women’s Badminton)

•Jacqueline Kitto (Women’s Basketball)

•Elsie Rogers (Mixed Beach Volleyball)

•Nicholas Symeoy (Men’s Soccer)

•Robert Armellini (Men’s Soccer)

•Will Morrell (Men’s Golf)

•Patrick Hutton (Sailing Open)

•Leigh Sands (Men’s Squash)

•Catisia Lim (Women’s Table Tennis)

•Matthew Lamont (Ten Pin Open)

•Richard Tran (Ten Pin Open)

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